Restructuring Task Force Work Underway

On Feb. 6, 2024, President Coyle announced the intent to form a Restructuring Task Force.

The Restructuring Task Force held its first meeting on February 20, 2024 at which it selected its faculty co-chairs, Dr. Amanda Stead (COE), and Dr. Michael Boardman (CAS). Members agreed upon a set of group guidelines for participation. As our institution has evolved significantly over the years, it is imperative to reassess our structures to ensure they effectively serve the needs of all students and position the university for nimble growth in the future. 

After reviewing its charge, the Task Force formed three subgroups: Finance, Undergraduate, and Graduate and Professional. The subgroups in turn selected chairs:

·Finance Subgroup: Drs. Fan Chen (COB) and Hossein Rikhteghar Berenji (COB), Co-chairs

·Undergraduate Subgroup: Nikol Roubidoux (Registrar) and a co-chair TBD, Co-chairs

·Graduate and Professional Subgroup: Dr. Leigh Schaid (CHP), Chair

The members of each subgroup will collaborate to gather and evaluate relevant information to share with the entire Task Force, which will meet regularly  to review the subgroups’ work in respect to developing eventual recommendations.

The Task Force will communicate with the Pacific Community primarily through the Task Force webpage, the Employee E-News, and through Task Force members, with updates following each full Task Force meeting or more frequently as needed.

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024