Things to Consider over Winter Break

CandlesFor many students, winter break means taking a much-needed break from school, catching up on some sleep, and traveling home. However, it can also entail a mix of emotions and experiences – happiness, relaxation, weird family dynamics, stress – and this year, concerns about COVID-19. Whether this is your first time returning home from college, one of your last times making the trek home, or you never left home this semester, here are some things to consider as you prepare for your upcoming winter break. And if you find yourself needing help for whatever reason, the Student Counseling Center's 24/7 Support and Crisis Line is available at 503-352-2999.  

Goals and Expectations

Going home can be both exciting and nerve-racking, particularly if it’s your first time returning home from college. You may want to take some time to check-in with yourself about your expectations for your time at home. It is natural to have hopes for your visit, but also try to allow yourself space to consider possible changes in yourself and in others, leaving room for flexibility in your expectations and schedule. It may be helpful to create a few personal goals and plans for your winter break both to provide stability and to prevent boredom — activities and events you’d like to attend, people you may want to see, foods you may want to eat, and the list goes on.

Friends, Old and New

Returning home for the holidays can allow for opportunities to reconnect with friends. Don’t be afraid to initiate and get creative to still follow local COVID-19 restrictions. Reconnecting with old friends and spending time with people you care about—and who care about you—can be a great addition to your winter break. However, also be aware that your old friends may have changed, just as you may have changed. Sometimes, people grow separately and they grow apart, and that’s okay. It may be sad and difficult to navigate, but leave some room for grace, growth, and change in your relationships. Also, don’t forget about your new relationships and friendships at Pacific—stay connected, even while you’re at home.  

Family and You

College is a unique and extraordinary time when you’re able to explore and discover new aspects of yourself. You are forming who you are and who you would like to become! However, your family may have a different idea of who you are. They may remember the version of you from last summer. Hence, returning home and presenting the 2.0 (or 2.3) version of yourself may be difficult and confusing for your family to navigate. To some extent, your family may have to “get to know you” again, just as you may have to re-adjust to them, too. Plus, you’ve most likely lived the past semester with more independence—going to bed whenever you wanted, eating whatever you wanted, hanging out with or dating whomever you choose. But now, some of that independence may get reeled back in by your family, and that can definitely be frustrating. However, just as it may be an adjustment for you, it’s also an adjustment for your family. Maybe let them “parent” you a little. Remember, you’re still you—a super cool human adult on the rise—and also, you’re still your parents’ kid. Try to hold both of your roles with kindness.


You probably hear this term tossed around in counseling, classes, maybe among co-workers, and even among friends. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes while reading this, but seriously, it really is important! Self-care is something everyone likes to talk about, but many of us struggle to actually do. We encourage you to take a moment to check-in with how you’re feeling and what you’re needing, and then to provide that care for yourself. With a few weeks off from school, consider what brings you joy, what refuels your energy, and what rejuvenates your spirit. What are some activities you can do to take care of yourself and to prioritize your needs? Whether it’s catching up on sleep, doing yoga, meditating, spending time with family, reading a novel, creating art, reconnecting with friends, petting your dog, or taking a bubble bath, grant yourself permission to love and care for yourself.

Have a refreshing break!


Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020