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Student studying on campus.
Both the Pacific Index and Outdoor Pursuits are looking to hire students.
Soccer Player kicks ball
Within the field of optometry, sports vision has emerged as a fast-moving specialty. And within sports vision, Pacific is a leader.
Asparagus Fritatta
Sandra (Coutts) Young ‘82, OD ‘84 created a business called Visionary Kitchen, which connects nutrition with eye health. She is the author of Visionary Kitchen: A Cookbook for Eye Health.
father holds his baby
When it comes to detecting problems with vision, it pays to start early, before brains are hardwired. In InfantSEE, a public health program in which Pacific participates, the patients may be as young as 6 months old.
Student conducting an eye exam
Pacific has built on a tradition of taking eye care to the community, where students and faculty provide real-world vision screening and treatment to underserved members of the community. The most visible symbol of this outreach is the Pacific EyeVan, an advanced mobile clinic that sees patients in church parking lots, migrant camps and schools.
alumni book club
There’s no better time to pick up a new book! Check out what’s on Pacific University's  reading list right now for Fall 2020.
exhibit from the Contact lens Museum showing colored lenses in a red velvet lined box
The earliest contact lenses were made of glass and could be worn only for a few hours at a time. Today’s contact lenses are engineering marvels, and Pacific’s College of Optometry is at the vanguard of contact lens research and design.
Wesley with Giant contact lens
The remarkable Newton Wesley ’39, Hon. ’86, born Newton Uyesugi to immigrant parents, was a founding father of the College of Optometry. Forced from his home by Japanese-American internment policy during World War II, Wesley nevertheless laid the foundation for the College of Optometry and became a giant in the field of contact lenses.
Megan Thorpe ‘16 is the stage manager for a new CoHo production titled From These Streets I Rise.
Ana Michalowsky MFA ‘19 published a poem, “Cinderella’s Plenty,” online at the MEASURE REVIEW.