Core Themes

In 2011, Pacific identified five core themes that aligned with our historical core values: discovery, excellence, sustainability, diversity, and global citizenship. As we prepare the Year One Report, due in September, 2017, we have taken the opportunity to review and adjust our core themes, while remaining true to our five core values. Two new core themes and their objectives are being developed. These new themes are focused on assessing student learning outcomes in a more prominent way, and provide a more streamlined approach for university planning. Campus feedback is welcome. Submit your comments here

Core Theme Map

1.       Educating for Student Success

  • Incorporating much of the content of the first two values, an environment of discovery and supporting excellent academic experiences to create the optimum learning environment, but also allowing us to highlight aspects of professional accreditation.

2.       Serving the Global Community

  • Incorporating much of the content of the three values of environmental and economic sustainability, diversity of people and ideas, global competency, and service.