Accreditation Core Themes

For the purposes of demonstrating and strengthening support of student success and mission fulfillment at Pacific, the university has developed two "core themes," pursued through seven objectives:

1.       Educating for Student Success

  • Ensure that academic programs prepare graduates for success
  • Demonstrate that students are effectively supported
  • Demonstrate student access to and success via academic pathways

2.       Serving the Global Community

  • Develop and sustain a diverse learning community of faculty, staff, and students supportive of cultural awareness, inclusion, and equity
  • Prepare students for engaged, responsible citizenship and community service
  • Advance knowledge and practice
  • Prepare professional students to be leaders in contemporary practice


Pacific annually tracks its progress in meeting important benchmarks on behalf of these objectives in order to plan and implement improvements. An annual Mission Fulfillment report details progress to date. A link to the most recent report can be found on the Accreditation homepage, under Pacific Accreditation Resources.