CLASS Information for Faculty and Staff

Looking for ways to encourage your students to utilize peer tutoring?

Request a peer tutor visit for your class or group 

A peer tutor can visit your classroom or group meeting to discuss CLASS services, how they can help, and why students should utilize tutoring. Tutors can also walk students through the scheduling process and explain what to expect from a typical session. A tutor visit is a great way to help demystify tutoring for new or apprehensive students. To request a visit please complete the tutor visit request form

Syllabus information 

Faculty are encouraged to include a brief summary of available tutoring services in their course syllabi to provide students with information about utilizing CLASS services. Faculty should copy the appropriate summary provided by the Center for Learning and Student Success directly into their course syllabi to ensure they are using the most updated and accurate information.   


Faculty and staff may distribute informational handouts to students as needed to orient students to tutoring, and to help manage expectations for what CLASS peer support can do. The handouts provide general tutoring information and explain what tutors can help with

Tutor recommendation

Do you have a student that you’d like to recommend as a tutor? Tutor hiring for each academic year takes place during the prior spring semester on an as-needed basis. If you would like to recommend a student for a tutoring position, please complete the official tutor recommendation form

A faculty recommendation does not guarantee that a student will be hired, but is a critical factor in the selection process. Students recommended by faculty are invited to apply for available positions during the application period each spring along with other applicants. All applicants hired for tutoring positions are required to obtain a faculty recommendation for each course they wish to tutor for, must have completed each course with a grade of B or higher, and are required to formally apply and interview for the position. 

Student Success Resources for Faculty

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