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Each member of a winning team, is awarded a 1-year fellowship at the Berglund Center. The fellowship program consists of individualized learning and development support, in function of creating the new product/service within an interdisciplinary and dynamic environment. The fellowship program grants each fellow access to internal to Pacific and outside experts in various fields of business, science, engineering and technology for unique mentorship opportunities.


A tuition scholarship worth $1,000 for up to 3 members of each of the winning teams is standard for each project. The scholarship is paid directly to your student account as $500 in the Fall semester and $500 in the Spring semester of the fellowship year. 

Technical, Business and Legal Support

The main purpose of the Inspired Ideas Competition Awards, is to help you go from the idea, to the actual product/service within the academic year of the fellowship. In order to accomplish this, it requires the assistance of a large number of people, who, along with the fellows, help develop the concepts, prototypes, business plans, strategies and intellectual property that is involved in creating innovations in any field of study. 

The Berglund Center will manage the expenditures associated with acquiring tools needed to develop the idea (i.e. software, equipment, consumables, hardware, etc.), or services (i.e. programmers, consultants, etc.), along with the costs associated with hiring and maintaining student and professional staff that are involved in developing each project during the duration of the fellowship award.

In addition, the Director of the Berglund Center, along with the Office of Legal Affairs will offer assistance, guideance and support in securing Patents and other intellectual property associated with the projects developed as a result of the Inspired Ideas Competition.

The Berglund Center's financial commitment for each winning project is approximately $25,000. The goal of the award is to help you experience the "startup" process, but in a supportive environment and allow each winner to go from the idea to an actual product/service/prototype within the academic year, providing you with enough experience and information to enable you to take your product to the next level!

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