Pacific Votes

The McCall Center for Civic Engagement is here to make sure every Pacific student has the resources they need to vote.

Important Dates

  • National Voter Registration Day | Sept. 19, 2023
  • National Voter Education Week | Oct. 2-6, 2023
  • Vote Early Day | Oct. 26, 2024
  • US Off-Year Election | Nov. 8, 2022
  • Presidential Primaries | Vary by state
  • Presidential Election | Nov. 5, 2024

Pacific Votes Pledge

Pacific University is the first and only Voter Friendly Campus in the state of Oregon. Boxers vote at a higher rate than both the general public and students at comparable institutions nationwide. Join your friends and pledge to vote this election day. When you pledge, you'll receive support, resources, and regular reminders to ensure your voice is heard in each November election. 


We hold a weekly prize drawings leading up to each November election. Sign the pledge early for your best chance to win.

Why vote?

Elected officials make decisions on topics like student debt, funding for higher education, and what your professors are allowed to teach in the classroom. Local offices have a direct impact on your quality of life - and when these offices are on the ballot they are often decided by a handful of votes. College voters constitute a significant voting bloc - large enough to influence local and national election outcomes and shape the future and health of a participatory, equitable, and informed democracy. You are just as impacted by the decisions of elected officials as any other voter - and your voice is just as important.  

How we can help

College voters are the newest members of our democracy - and they often move more frequently, are less likely to have a driver’s license, and are less likely to be contacted directly by political campaigns (all of which are barriers to registering and voting). Millions of Americans, including college students, can't vote each year because they missed a deadline, forgot to update their registration, or didn't know how. This doesn't have to be you! 

Our non-partisan "Pacific Votes" program supports all Pacific students through four stages of voter engagement: registration, education, turnout, and post-election support. During the lead-up to each election, we sponsor a wide range of on-campus events including a registration drive for National Voter Registration Day, debate viewing parties in the UC, and more. We are also always available to help, and can be reached any time at

Just want to know if your registration is up-to-date?

Ballot Ready is a non-partisan resource which allows you to register, make a plan to vote, and research every name and measure on the ballot. Make sure you're ready to go by tying in your address here (either in Forest Grove or your hometown - Oregon lets you choose):