Relationship Violence Resources

If you are looking for additional resources outside of Pacific University, there are many places to call for help with relationship violence.

Domestic Violence Resource Center
24-Hour Crisis Line: 503-469-8620

Call to Safety (Formerly Portland Women’s Crisis Line)
24 Hour Crisis Line: 503-235-5333

Family Justice Resource Center

735 SW 158th Avenue (Arbor Homes building)
Beaverton, OR 97006

Domestic Violence Emergency Shelters

Bradley-Angle House: 503-281-2442
Clackamas Women’s Services: 503-654-2288
Columbia Co. Women’s Resource Center: 1-503-397-6161
Domestic Violence Resource Center: 503-469-8620
Safechoice/Vancouver YWCA: 1-360-695-0501
Salvation Army West Women’s & Children’s: 503-224-7718
Yolanda House of YWCA: 503-977-7930 or 503-535-3266

Support Groups

Bradley-Angle House: 503-232-7805
Clackamas Women’s Services: 503-654-2807
Domestic Violence Resource Center: 503-640-5352
Desarrollo Integral de la Familia: 503-284-5178
El Programa Hispano: 503-669-8350
Vol. of Amer. Home Free: 503-771-5503

Restraining Orders & Stalking Orders

Clackamas County Circuit Court: 503-650-3036 or 503-650-3046
Clark County: 1-360-397-2424
Multnomah County Circuit Court: 503-988-3022
Washington County RO Advocacy: 503-846-3830

Population-Specific Domestic Violence Services

Abuse Recovery Ministry & Svcs. (Christian): 503-846-9284
Bradley-Angle House (Sexual Minorities): 503-281-2442

El Programa Hispano
Gresham: 503-669-8350
Portland: 503-232-4448

Hope for Families (Christian): 503-661-4444 Ext 356
Insights Teen Parent Program: 503-239-6996
IRCO Asian Family Center: 503-235-9396
IRCO Refugee & Immigrant Family Services: 503-234-1541
Lifeworks Northwest (prostitution-related): 503-234-3400
Lifeworks Southwest (domestic violence-related): 503-223-5525
Lola Greene Baldwin Fndn (sex industry): 503-236-7244
MEWERC (Middle East & Central Asian): 503-778-8333
Native American Family Healing Circle: 503-288-8177
Russian Oregon Social Services: 503-777-3437
SAWERA (South Asian): 503-778-7386
Vol. of Amer. Home Free: 503-771-5503