Future Transfer Students

We are excited that you are considering the transition to Pacific University. The decision to transfer from one college to another can be a confusing experience. Colleges and Universities are as individual as human beings. This is why it is extremely important that you think ahead and make plans.

Basic Tips on Transferring to Pacific University

  • Submit official transcripts from previous institutions to admissions
  • Check all deadlines-application, admissions, fees, schedule confirmation, housing, financial aid and scholarships
  • Attend Orientation
  • Once Admitted and Deposited
    • Fill out your Academic Interest Survey sent with your Admissions letter
    • Be sure to submit any final transcripts showing final grades and/or any degree earned
    • Meet with the Advising Center to register for your first term at Pacific.  We’ll also  discuss your transfer credits, core requirements, and foundations courses for your major.
    • Meet with your advisor to discuss your future course work that will be required for graduation. It is important that you map out your course work for multiple semesters so you do not get caught off guard and are able to graduate on time. 
    • If you’ve decided your major, declare it once the semester starts.
    • Check in at the Advising Center when you have academic questions.
    • If you need additional assistance and do not know where to go, contact the Office of Transfer Student Services at transfer@pacificu.edu (503-352-3175) for referral
    • Plan to attend the mandatory Orientation - See the Orientation website for more details.

Note: Courses and program requirements may change as the university attempts to keep the academic programs current. The most current information on this subject is on your academic evaluation on BoxerOnline under program evaluation.