Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Office of Transfer Student Services (OTSS) is committed to serving transfer students by helping them prepare for rewarding academic experiences, assisting them as they transition to Pacific University, and promoting their progress toward graduation.

As an advocate and representative for transfer students OTSS takes an active role in enrollment support and in the communication of transfer student issues to both internal and external constituencies. The Office will maintain good connections across the University and serve as a referral service for students needing specific help or guidance.

Overall Objectives

  • Facilitate successful student transition through coordination of academic services
  • Increase the number of transfer students who persist at the University
  • Increase visibility of services and support available for transfer students
  • Provide transition services in an effort to acclimate transfer students to the university culture thereby enhancing the quality of their experiences
  • Evaluate available transfer student data on an on-going basis

Objectives for Transfer Student Success

  • Prepare transfer students through the coordination and delivery of transfer information in an effort to increase their overall number
  • Work with the Transfer Coordinator in Admissions to provide support for newly admitted students
  • Transition students to the University through a student-centered system of counseling, support  and communication by coordinating the services provided by Admissions, Academic Support Services, academic colleges and academic departments
  • Support transfer students through the coordination of counseling and advising in an effort to assist transfer students in graduating on schedule

Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of faculty and staff committed to transfer students' needs and issues. Representation from multiple areas meet to discuss issues and put forth recommendations to promote healthy relationships between the University and transfer students.


  • Denise Giesbers | Director
    Office of Transfer Student Services and Information, Communication and Division Visibility
  • Steve Smith | Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Tania Hand | Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Coordinator
  • Jon-Erik Larsen | Executive Director of Graduate/Professional Admissions
  • Karen Dunston | Executive Director of Admissions
  • JoLynn Graham | Degree Audit Coordinator
  • Stacie Englund | Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Pam Lopez | Professor of Biology
  • Dave Boersema | Professor of Philosophy

Contact Us

Office of Transfer Student Services
Pacific Information Center (PIC)
Washburne Hall (also called the University Center or UC)
transfers@pacificu.edu | 503.352.3175

Denise Giesbers | Director of Information
Communication and Division Visibility and the Office of Transfer Student Services
dgiesbers@pacificu.edu | 503.352.3173