Partner with Us

Community partners have many ways to work with the Pacific University community. Just within civic engagement, the opportunities include: 

In addition, Pacific University values our multiple connections to community organizations across the university at all of our campuses. Because Pacific is a large university with many different academic programs and a diverse student body, we have many different kinds of partnerships around the community.  Partnerships can be somewhat transactional in nature, with an exchange of goods or resources like volunteer labor to accomplish a specific task. They can also be deeply transformative, with both the university and our partners intertwined in ways that change both organizations (and the students and personnel within them). Whatever it is that you want to do with Pacific, we can try to help you find the right office. Staff across the university have collaborated to put together this list of offices and functions related to community partnerships.

Who’s Who at Pacific University: A Guide for Community Partners

Last updated Spring, 2019. If you would like to make a correction/edit to this list or notice something inaccurate, please contact the MCCE

If you want to:

Contact & Timing Notes:

Recruit Pacific students for volunteer opportunities/advocacy/political engagement/awareness-raising, and other forms of civic engagement.

Share general information about your organization or volunteer opportunities

Work with faculty to develop an ongoing academic/community-based partnership or learn more about Pacific’s undergraduate academic requirement for civic engagement

Troubleshoot issues related to current civic engagement partnerships

Connect with students who can provide support for CE courses or to collaborate/lead projects

Recognize students, faculty, staff, or other community partners at our Community Collaboration Celebration

Stephanie Stokamer, Director of the McCall Center for Civic Engagement, 503-352-1571

Contact me: 

  • Anytime regarding recruitment for ongoing volunteer positions or individual civic engagement opportunities*
  • Anytime regarding recruitment of groups, but a couple weeks out is helpful*
  • By mid to late August / January to connect with faculty teaching civic engagement courses the upcoming semester regarding urgent needs
  • 12-18 months ahead to plan CE courses in partnership with faculty (this time line can vary -- sometimes more last-minute partnerships work too)

Connect with students to collaborate/lead community sustainability projects

Work with faculty to develop an ongoing academic/community-based partnership on sustainability

Engage students (or faculty/staff) in service opportunities; recruit Pacific students for volunteer opportunities related to sustainability

Share general information about your organization or volunteer opportunities related to sustainability

Share community based research or internship opportunities with a sustainability focus

Connect or share opportunities related to food, farming, or food insecurity

Director of the Center for a Sustainable Society (currently vacant - please contact Stephanie Stokamer for a referral based on current coverage)



Hire a student as an intern (ongoing; credit on a semester basis)

Partner with Pacific’s Community Service Work-Study program to hire students to work in your organization

(Applications for the following academic year due mid-June)

Recruit and post employment opportunities for undergraduate students (ongoing; Work & Service Fair the first Thursday of each semester, register in advance)

Melissa Vieira, Internship Coordinator and Community Service Work-Study Coordinator, Career Development Center, 503-352-3126

Actively seek internship or job placement opportunities for our Business students through community outreach efforts.

Coach students through 1:1 engagements and  “Career Readiness”  Professional Development Programming workshops and activities.

Business leaders and Pacific Alumni are encouraged to:

●   Share business expertise with students by presenting to a class

●   Become a “Professor for a Day”

●   Join a Discussion Panel

●   Participate in our “Corporate Landscape Tour”

●   Contact me to build a relationship with the College of Business! 

Wanda Frazier, Director, Placement Services

College of Business, 503-352-3117

Supervise undergraduate Public Health student(s) for a practicum (at east 100-field hours, fall or spring semester) or internship (flexible number of hours).

Rose Dahl, Professional Practicum Coordinator,  (503) 352-2012

Project/activity descriptions and site availability are welcome anytime! We typically finalize practicum placements one semester in advance. 

  • For spring semester (Feb. - early May), contact me by September.
  • For fall semester (Sep - early Dec.), contact me by January.  

Supervise undergraduate Criminal Justice, Law & Society student(s) for a practicum (at least 100-field hours, fall semester) or internship (flexible scheduling).

Rose Dahl, Professional Practicum Coordinator,  (503) 352-2012

Project/activity descriptions and site availability are welcome anytime! We initiate practicum placements 9-12 months in advance. Contact me by September for a next year fall semester practicum practicum (Sep. - early Dec.). 

Supervise a student from the bachelor of social work program (BSW).

Don Schweitzer, Director of Field Education-BSW program

Supervise a student from the master of social work program (MSW).

Erica Goldsmith, Director of Field Education-MSW program (based in Eugene).

Learn about the Advantage Scholars Program; 

Recruit Pacific undergraduate students for volunteer/internship/observation/job opportunities related to health professions

Meredith Arend, Advantage Advisor, 503-352-2845

Supervise student teachers in the field; host student teachers, interns, or practicum teachers in pre-K-12 classrooms; develop pathways for students and school district personnel to obtain teacher licensure; recruit Pacific students for pre-K-12 teaching job opportunities

Kate Eckert, School & Community Partnership Coordinator, School of Learning & Teaching, 503-352-1438

Get minor funding support for your work with Pacific University students through the Partners in Civic Engagement Mini-Grant


Raise money from a community partner or sell sponsorship for something at Pacific University

Amy Tracewell, Corporate and Foundation Relations in University Advancement, 503-352-2838

Supervise a Speech Language Pathology student or inquire about community services

Caitlin Fitzgerald, Director of Clinical Education, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, 503-352-1596

Supervise a student from one of Pacific’s other graduate/professional health profession programs.

Dave Dewberry, Chair of the College of Health Professions Clinical Coordinators Committee, 503-352-2490

Provide eye care services and glasses to underserved/uninsured people in the community. Doctors of Optometry oversee optometry student interns to provide eye care in collaboration with community partners.  Pre-Optometry or students interested in the field of optometry are welcome to volunteer. Learn more about the Pacific EyeVan and opportunities.

Lisette Romig, Community Outreach Coordinator, 503-352-2766

Learn about the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Create partnerships to explore shared responsibility for creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community in which we can prosper. Narce Rodriguez, Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer, 503-352-1457