COVID-19 Information

Applied and experiential learning, including civic engagement, is an important and required part of many Pacific undergraduate students’ studies. Under normal circumstances, experiential learning activities take place off-campus at organizational locations across the region. Due to COVID-19 public health requirements, our guidelines around experiential learning continue to evolve.  Please refer to the 2021-2022 Experiential Learning Operations guide for updates and detailed information.  In short:

  • When possible, plan for experiential learning that minimizes the spread of COVID-19, such as campus-based or site-free activities, interactions with face coverings and distancing measures, or limited intermingling of populations.
  • In cases where students must complete off-campus, site-based experiential learning activities, faculty and staff facilitators must maintain a roster of students for tracking purposes that includes name, site, site contact information, and the nature of the experience, and submit that roster to Stephanie Stokamer, Director of Applied & Experiential Learning for CAS. 
  • Students should adhere to both the University and partner site requirements or policies related to safety precautions such as face coverings or distancing, deferring to the most cautious option when there is a discrepancy.  
  • Students and partner sites should be prepared to adapt experiential learning opportunities to any new guidance issued by the state, University, or organization as needed.  

There are many ways that civic engagement takes place on campus or in online environments. Students and partner organizations need only comply with Pacific policies for experiential learning taking place on campus or in virtual environments--no additional reporting is necessary. If you have questions regarding experiential learning or the site approval process, please contact the Director of Applied and Experiential Learning.