Hold the keys to getting people together to pursue an organizational goal and develop the skills to become an effective leader in any industry.

With the rapidly changing environment, good management is important for success and even survival for many kinds of businesses. Whether you want to go to work for a larger employer or start your own business, graduates of Pacific University's business management program can help you launch your career.

The management concentration within the business administration major offers you the chance to work with small classes and in direct contact with College of Business professors who are tech-savvy and up to date.

Within our modern curriculum, you will learn about team building as well as crucial analytical ideas and logistical techniques grounded in real-world examples. You will have a chance to apply these ideas and get involved in strategic competition in case studies and simulation activities.



Business Club

The student-led Business Club organizes social events, activities, professional speakers and other workshops to help you prepare for your career. Open to business and non-business majors alike, the club offers opportunities for networking, professional development, resume building and fun!


College of Business Placement Services offers specialized one-on-one support for students and alumni. Placement Services supports students through the college experience, develops internships programs with local businesses, and connects with Pacific’s wide alumni network in business and industry. Learn more about Placement Services in the College of Business.