Audiology Guaranteed Admission

Guaranteed Grad School AdmissionThe Pacific University Doctor of Audiology Program participates in Pacific’s Guaranteed Grad School Admission Program. Students may apply for the Doctor of Audiology Program as soon as they commit to Pacific as undergraduates or transfer students, or during their junior year.

Students who are admitted through the Guaranteed Grad School Admissions Program are guaranteed a place in Pacific’s AuD program if they:

  • Complete a bachelor's degree, in good standing, in any major at Pacific University.
  • Students must obtain a minimum "last 45 credit" GPA of 3.3
  • Students must complete our five prerequisite courses: Biological Science; Physical Science; Statistics; Social Science; English/Writing
  • Students must obtain 15 hours of audiology clinical observation hours. Hours can be obtained within the community, or students are highly encouraged to observe at our Pacific EarClinic on Pacific's Hillsboro Campus.
  • Submit two letters of support from Pacific faculty or staff, noting no concerns. Students are highly encouraged to obtain one of those letters from a Pacific professor who taught them.

Pacific Priority students in their intended start year will be invited to Pacific interview days to get to know our program more. An interview is not required as part of Pacific Priority for the Doctor of Audiology Program.

Students who complete these requirements may enroll in the Doctor of Audiology program immediately following graduation. Students may also take a break between graduation and beginning grad school, but they must enroll within two years of completing their bachelor’s degree.

After receiving dual admission and completing these requirements, students will have a place held for them in Pacific’s Doctor of Audiology program.

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You must be a deposited or enrolled Pacific University undergrad student to apply for Guaranteed Grad School Admissions. Incoming students, get the application access code from your admissions counselor. Current students, find the application access code here.