Preceptor Information

The School of Audiology at Pacific University offers a three-year program leading to the doctor of audiology (AuD) degree. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, along with several other programs in the College of Health Professions, the school uses a competency-based curriculum, with courses delivered in a modified block format. In this format, students study one topic area for a short period of time, typically two weeks, before moving on to another content area. The competency-based design encourages teamwork and collaboration among students while removing the competitive nature present in many professional curricula.
Students complete clinical site rotations during their second and third years.

We rely on preceptors at sites across the U.S. and internationally to provide guidance, supervision and support to our students. The School of Audiology Preceptor Site provides preceptor training and support. This site includes resources on curriculum, internship/externship guides, goal setting, student trainings, policies, tutorials and documents, and a closer look at our students’ program experiences.

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor with our program, please contact