Doctor of Optometry Program Admissions

Pacific University College of Optometry is unsurpassed as a place to obtain an excellent didactic and clinical education from a talented and caring faculty.

Our dedicated faculty members are highly regarded teachers, clinicians and researchers who bring diverse backgrounds and multi-faceted interests to the optometry program. This provides a rich intellectual environment in which students are provided much more than the basic education and tools to become an optometrist. Students also learn the value of having an open and inquisitive mind which serves as the foundation for lifelong learning. This is an essential skill in order to grow with future technology and knowledge so that our graduates provide the highest quality care throughout their career.

Our students have excelled academically. Our students consistently perform above average on the National Board exams, which represent a national standard of entry-level competence to practice optometry. To view updated information regarding board scores, refer to our student accolades page.

We understand that our obligations and responsibilities are to our patients and to the greater public that we serve. The needs of the patient always come first. Our students understand these responsibilities and learn to adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards. Our graduates become stellar members of the communities in which they serve. Many Pacific graduates are in leadership positions within their communities, in corporations, in the military, in academe, and in professional organizations. We are proud of the accomplishments and contributions of our graduates.

Pacific University provides a rich and warm learning environment in a beautiful location. We create a sense of family that endures for life. An optometric education at Pacific University is a wise career investment.

Guaranteed Grad School Admission

Guaranteed Grad School Admission

Pacific University undergraduate students can save a seat in the optometry program through the Pacific Priority guaranteed grad school admission program. Apply as soon as you deposit to become a Pacific undergraduate student or during your undergraduate years. Learn how.

Rankings of Optometry Schools and Colleges

Pacific University does not endorse any ranking of the accredited schools and colleges of optometry in the 50 States, Puerto Rico and Canada. In addition, the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) does not provide information and data to any entity claiming to rank the schools and colleges of optometry or participate in any other way with such entities.

Optometry school and college applicants are urged to make their own determinations regarding the suitability of a school or college including visiting the schools and colleges’ official websites and gathering information regarding applicant profiles, class size, prerequisite courses, NBEO pass rates, faculty-student ratios, pre-clinical and clinical training and other information.

Accurate data which is provided by the schools and colleges can be found in two places on the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) website under Data & Surveys and Applicants and Advisors.

More Information

Application and licensure requirements to practice optometry vary by state in the US and province in Canada. Generally, each state and province require a passing score on Parts I, II and III (PAM, and Clinical Skills), and TMOD (Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease) of the National Boards of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) and a copy of the official final transcript from an accredited college of optometry. Additional requirements may apply based on individual state and provincial rules. A link to all state and provincial boards can be found on the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO) website.

Please refer to the individual states and provinces for current licensure requirements.


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