Optometry Curriculum

Explore the optometry curriculum in our current academic catalog at Pacific University.

Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Clinical Patient Care

Our students gain real-world experience through our Outreach program. Upon starting the program, students have the opportunity to provide care and receive direct outreach experience with a diverse patient population.  The College of Optometry operates 5 EyeClinics and EyeTrends opticals throughout the Portland area.  The eye clinics give students the opportunity to practice their skills and serve their community during their academic career.

In their last year, students have the opportunity to provide supervised direct patient clinical care in hospital settings, healthcare centers, and public or private eye and vision care centers under supervision of our appointed adjunct faculty.  We have externship sites across the nation and internationally.  Each of our affiliated externship sites specialize in patient care in primary care and/or specialized healthcare services unique to each site.  By the time they graduate, they will have rotated through multiple clinics, serving a wide range of patients.