Doctor of Optometry


Pacific University offers a four-year doctor of optometry program preparing tomorrow's optometrists for licensure and practice.  Our core perspective on optometry education is distinctive.  We believe that vision and eye health are foundational to people’s success and enjoyment of life – throughout their lives.  Our approach to curriculum and course design, delivery, and sequencing is thoughtful, and based on 75 years of experience fulfilling our mission, and supporting an advancing profession.

The curriculum consists of academic and laboratory experiences integrated with clinical work. The fourth year is entirely clinical, consisting of four full-time rotations, with over 120 sites in our network, including international opportunities.  Our students start gaining real-world experience right away.  During the first semester of the first year, students provide care and receive direct outreach experience with a diverse patient population.  By the time they graduate, they will have rotated through multiple clinics, serving a wide range of patients.

Pacific University graduates are fully qualified to practice in any state in the US and province in Canada, the curriculum far exceeding the most stringent educational requirements. The curriculum also prepares students for successful completion of the exams administered by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) and Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC). Our students typically score above the national average on the exams, which reflects the excellent education our students receive here at Pacific University, and the hard work, dedication and focus our students and faculty bring to the classroom every day.

In addition to clinical training, Pacific's College of Optometry demonstrates its commitment to quality optometric research by offering all students an elective research thesis opportunity, encouraging and providing funds for faculty to attend scientific meetings and providing research facilities. Conferences on campus allow practitioners, students, faculty and other researchers the opportunity to exchange findings and information.


The Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center at Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences has dedicated a library in honor of Dr. London.
Rayne Houser and Cody Tang Pictured Together
For their capstone projects, Rayne Houser ’18 and Cody Tang ’18 helped with a faculty-led study that found that exercise may help prevent and manage glaucoma.
Dr. Seki receiving Massih Prize
Pacific University alumnus Dr. Shinji Seki OD ’79 will receive the eighth annual Kamelia Massih Prize for a Distinguished Optometrist on May 19 at the university’s graduate and professional Commencement ceremony.