Learning Outcomes | Art History

After Pacific | The art history program trains students to think analytically and to effectively communicate as scholars and acquire problem-solving techniques that are invaluable to employers. Our graduates work in museums, galleries, art-related nonprofit organizations and as teachers.

Student Learning Outcomes

The art department’s mission is to provide majors and non-majors with a diversity of experiences that encourage students to develop critical thinking skills that promote lifelong, creative discovery. As such, students explore the values and curricular goals of the university within the disciplines of art and art history in order to engage in today’s society with self-reflection and diverse perspectives in a creative and analytical expression.

Overall, the Art Department at Pacific University seeks to prepare art students for:

  • Finding creative solutions through innovation, experimentation and exploration
  • Developing a lifelong interest, appreciation and understanding of art
  • Pursuing a life of creative involvement in expressive and technical processes
  • Being literate in the language of art - reading, writing, and speaking related to the expressive processes and terminology
  • Expanding ability to critique creative projects by one's self and with others
  • Broadening the awareness of art history and cultural heritage
  • Using technologies related to one's areas of interest
  • Increasing the nature of human perception, motivation and creation as a necessity for personal growth and well-being
  • Doing independent and collaborative artistic and historical research and projects
  • Discovering the relationships among the arts, other academic disciplines, and the world
  • Undertaking graduate study in art or art history
  • Pursuing expressive directions for individual creative growth, as well as careers in art or art history

Program Purpose

In today's world, the well-rounded and liberally educated individual is increasingly in demand. The truly educated person has a broad background. The art department at Pacific University is equipped to provide students with a strong conceptual base, expressive direction, and instruction in artistic processes and techniques as well as an art historical education. Through the tactile and visual nature of art, the faculty tries to integrate the consciousness of personal or social expression into every liberal arts and professional student. The art department offers the opportunity for a major or minor, concentrating in either a two- or three-dimensional emphasis for the working artist. Other opportunities include a Major or Minor in Art History, an integral Fine Arts curriculum, or a focus in Graphic Arts and Media Arts by the availability of a double major or major/minor in the Art and Media Arts departments.