Art History

Major, Minor

Explore cultures, geographic areas and time periods as you learn about the visual arts in their historical and theoretical contexts.

The major in art history features a global perspective with offerings in both Western and non-Western art. While studying art history, students explore the meaning and functions of the visual arts as created within specific historical, social, political, philosophical and religious contexts. Students also learn to look critically at a work, considering issues such as the character and evolution of form and style, iconography, and underlying ideologies and concepts. Students become familiar with methods of art analysis and the vocabulary needed to discuss and describe works.


Natalie Cruz

Natalie Cruz ’21 was named Outstanding Senior in Art History by Pacific University.

Heidi Nielsen

There’s no telling where an art degree will take you. Just ask Heidi Nielsen ’96.

Hands on piano

We may find comfort and a restored sense of wonder in any of these forms of artistic expression.