Critical thinking, reading, and writing form the core of historical inquiry. What values, texts, and circumstances influenced decisions made by individuals in the past?

As a history major, you will master the "five Cs of historical thinking": change over time, causality, context, contingency, and complexity. In addition to these analytical skills, you will develop an ability to craft compelling narratives filled with characters, conjecture, and an appreciation for competing arguments. Given such diverse learning outcomes, historians are social scientists as well as humanists, who thrive in a wide array of careers.

History Courses

From broad introductory surveys to regional requirements and specialized seminars, history majors cap off their education here with a senior thesis. This rigorous, year-long capstone project will allow you to dive into the archives, navigate the historiography, and create an original contribution to historical scholarship. You develop solid project management skills that will transfer well into the position of your choice.

Internships & International Study

We encourage history majors to pursue internships and spend at least one semester abroad. In the junior seminar, you will receive career development training, and in close collaboration with faculty, you will receive advice on how to find your ideal vocation.

What Can You Do With A History Degree?

Recent graduates from the Pacific University Department of History have become teachers and lawyers, intelligence officers, Peace Corps volunteers and archivists. Discover what you can do with a history degree from Pacific University.