Distinguished History Senior Theses

Hanna Gramson | Class of 2013
The Science of the Séance: The Scientific theory of the Spiritualist Movement in Victorian America (pdf)

Quinn Ramsay | Class of 2013
The Orthodox Heresies: "Lollardy" and Medieval Culture

Samantha Willden | Class of 2012
By the Sweat of Your Brow: Regulation, Education, and Progress in Oregon Farming Society 1868-1888 (pdf)

Elyse Brouhard | Class of 2011
Contradiction in Terms: Nation States, Individual Rights and Refugee Policy in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pdf)

Andy Haugen | Class of 2011
Lee, Honor, and the Confederacy (pdf)

Jennifer Neal | Class of 2011
Visigoths and Romans: Integration and Ethnicity (pdf)

Max Price | Class of 2011
The Oregon Ku Klux Klan: A Failed Attempt at Creating a Homogenous State (pdf)

Reese Moriyama | Class of 2010
A Welcome Extinguished: Veterans Under the Shadow of the Gulf War Illness (pdf)

Chris Potter | Class of 2010
Great Britain's Motives in Jammu and Kashmir (pdf)

Elias Gilman | Class of 2009
Hic Sunt Glacierum: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and the Role of American Challenges (pdf)

Cora Copelin | Class of 2009
A Crisis of Faith: The Western Schism and its Effect on the Lay Piety Movement (pdf)

Nikki Hurtado | Class of 2009
From Gradualism to Immediatism: William Lloyd Garrison's encounter with David Walker's Appeal (pdf)

Korvell Pyfrom | Class of 2009
Inner Wars: The Intra-Racial and Class Conflicts that Crippled the Garvey Movement in Jamaica and the United States (pdf)

Danielle Sabatka | Class of 2008
Robin Hood “Under the Greenwood Tree”: Peasants’ Revolt and the Making of a Medieval Legend (pdf)

Meredith Brynteson, Class of 2008
The Bermuda Conference: The Use of Refugees for Public Relations (pdf)

Lindsay Prescott, Class of 2007
Dadabhai Naoroji: India's Representative in Parliment (pdf)

Stephen Millett | Class of 2007
A New Virtue for a New Republic: Thomas Jefferson’s Embrace of Reason and Sentiment (pdf)

Clint Rodreick | Class of 2006
A Shared Vision and Joint Venture: Benjamin Rush, Richard Allen, and the Free Black Community of Philadelphia, 1787-1813 (pdf)

Christopher Connor | Class of 2006
The Emergence and Formation of the Second Estate as the Knightly Class in France, 814-1230 (pdf)

Natalie Brewer | Class of 2006
Intervention?: British Politics and Basque Refugee Children During the Spanish Civil War (pdf)

Leah Gottheiner | Class of 2005
You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee: The German-Jewish Refugees in Shanghai During the Second World War ​(pdf)

Brian Chow | Class of 2005
"Asian American Activism and Interracial Involvement during the Era of Protest" (pdf)

Zachary Strickland Johnson | Class of 2004
American Nature: The Great Forgetting (pdf)

Lauren Quinsland | Class of 2004
Workers of the World, Subscribe! The American Federationist, the Oregon Labor Press, and the First World War (pdf)

Jodi Buell | Class of 2004
Ratification of the Genocide Convention? The United States and the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide ​(pdf)

James Echert | Class of 2004
Lewis and Clark: an expedition of scientific origin (pdf)

Annie McLain | Class of 2003
Unmasking the Oregon Klansman: The Ku Klux Klan in Astoria 1921-1925 (pdf)

Russ Getchell, Class of 2002
The Hidden Battles of the American Revolution (pdf)

Phil Huhta | Class of 2000
Where Do the Roots of American Democracy Lie? (pdf)

Isak Sexson | Class of 2000
Carolingian Propaganda: Kingship by the Hand of God (pdf)