CAS | Assessment & Accreditation Committee

Duties of the College of Arts & Sciences Assessment & Accreditation Committee include:

  • Assists departments, programs, and Core faculty in analyzing student learning to improve and to validate that learning.
  • Recommends learning-assessment tools and policies.
  • Collects and interprets data produced by A&S assessments and communicates assessment information to the faculty and others; works with the Institutional Research office on data collection, interpretation, and dissemination.
  •  Contributes to the compilation of A&S accreditation reports.

Core Assessment Schedule 2021-2022
All Scorings are due at the same time as final grades each semester.

  • Fall 2021 
    • Group C 
      • Analysis & Interpretation of Texts 
      • Languages 
      • Scientific Perspectives of the Natural World
      • Social Systems & Human Behavior
      • Civic Engagement
      • FYS
  • Spring 2022
    • Group A
      • Artistic Practice & Creative Process
      • Math
      • Quantitative Reasoning
      • International & Diverse Perspectives
  • Capstones
    • Regardless of when your student is giving their Capstone presentation, please use this link to submit their Capstone information. Towards the end of the Spring semester, you will be sent an email with a link for each of your capstone students.  This link will take you to a score sheet to indicate students' Summative Learning across the academic career of Pacific. 

CAS Core Assessment Schedule 2018-2028

Assessment & Accreditation Resources

CAS Core Assessment Schedule (updated 2/2021)
Assessment Workshop-Fall 2018 Faculty Meeting
Capstone Assessment Training - Fall 2017
Peter Doolittle Presentation on Assessment of Course Learning Outcomes- March 2018
AAC&U On Solid Ground:  2 year report on assessment with VALUE rubrics - 2018

Templates for Internal and External Departmental Reviews

Internal Review Templates
External Review Templates (revised 02/2021)