Bachelor of Social Work


Engage in classroom learning and fieldwork and develop the skills to effect change for individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

The practice of baccalaureate social work is as exciting as it is wide-ranging. Social workers can be found working in schools, hospitals, state and county health services, child welfare service, sexual assault resource center, or any number of local non-profit organizations addressing issues related to mental health, substance use, and/or homelessness. Practice activities/tasks could include; 

  • Assessment: finding out what people need help with. Housing, food, counseling services?
  • Intervention: working directly with individuals, families and or groups in any number of settings, sometimes in their home.
  • Case management: arrange and coordinate multiple services to meet the specific person's complex needs.
  • Advocacy: advocating for systemic change in our communities.
  • Administration: developing and carrying out policies, programs or activities.

Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, Pacific's bachelor of social work program provides students with the opportunity to study generalist social work practice with a focus on diversity, cultural competence and social justice.

Customize field experiences around your passions and learn in a secular, welcoming and tolerant atmosphere. Benefit from our partnerships with top-notch practicum sites in the Portland region and join the Social Work Club, a forum for developing and strengthening friendships among students and faculty members.

Pacific's BSW program is part of the Claire Argow Social Work Program, along with the Master of Social Work program.

BSW Program Results of CSWE Competencies Assessments


Del Quest

Aisling “Del” Quest has been promoted to associate professor of social work and granted indefinite tenure by Pacific University

Colin Fitzgerald '97

Colin Fitzgerald '97 stepped into the role of leading Washington County's Developmental Disabilities program.

Morgan Bradshaw MSW '20 was hired as a social worker by MindTree Holistic Counseling and Wellness Center in Portland, Ore.