Bachelor of Social Work Admissions

Pacific University's bachelor of social work program encourage applications from students of diverse populations and backgrounds. To be eligible, applicants must have sophomore standing or above at Pacific University.

BSW Program Admissions

Thank you for your interest in joining Pacific University’s social work program. The social work program encourages applications from students of diverse populations and backgrounds.

A complete application to the social work program is provided below and includes the following components:

1.       A complete Application for Admission packet
2.       Sophomore standing or above
3.       Successful completion of SOCWK 201 Principles of Social Work with a grade of C- or better
4.       Signed National Association of Social Work (NASW) ethics statement
5.       One letter of reference
6.       A personal statement
7.       An entrance interview

Steps in the Application Process

  1. Students fill out and submit the application (link below) via DocuSign
  2. Students fill out and submit the reference letter (link below) via DocuSign

Once the completed packet of materials has been submitted and the letter of reference received, the student will be contacted via e-mail to schedule an entrance interview.

Reference Letter Instructions:

The person you ask to write on your behalf should be able to speak to your academic and/or professional capabilities and your potential as a social work student (e.g., employment or volunteer supervisors; professors, teachers, or school counselors). Pacific social work professors are ineligible to write a letter of reference.
Student will be prompted to DocuSign
Student must enter their name and email address, along with evaluators name and email address. Then select "Begin Signing"
DocuSign will open form for student to fill out;
  • If prompted, student must check box "I agree to use electronic records and signature" 
  • Student needs to press "Continue" to initiate signing
  • Student MUST click the "Finish" button when complete

This will prompt DocuSign to send the form for the evaluator to complete

What to expect at the Entrance Interview:

The purpose of the interview is to discuss the content of your application packet, including your personal statement.  You will also be given an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the program. The entrance interview will be conducted by the BSW program director and additional program representatives as determined by the director.

Notice of Admission:

After the application file is complete and the entrance interview conducted, the social work program director will either send written or in person notification of the admissions decision within fourteen (14) days of your entrance interview. Admission decisions are made by the faculty of the BSW program.

NOTE: The social work program does not give academic credit for previous lived or work experience.

Admission to the social work program is based upon:

  • An academic ability to succeed in the BSW program;
  • Personal values and ethics that are consistent with social work professional values and ethics;
  • A commitment to improving the quality of life of those facing individual or collective social challenges;
  • A concern for issues of social, cultural, economic, and environmental justice and a sensitivity toward historically marginalized groups that face significant social, cultural, environmental and/or economic barriers; and
  • A capacity for self-awareness, reflection, self-evaluation, and critical thinking.

Decisions made by the social work faculty will clearly state the outcome of the application process. There are three possible decision outcomes:

1. Admission
2. Probationary admission
3. Denial of admission

Please consult the social work program handbook for further details on each decision outcome, the appeals process, and for information on maintaining good standing within the BSW program. If you have questions or concerns during the social work program application process, please contact a social work faculty member.

Upon admission to the program, students will be enrolled in the Social Work Club on campus. Please see the Social Work Program Handbook (pdf) for more information about the program.

Apply to MajorSocial Work Application (DocuSign)

Reference Letter | Social Work Letter of Reference (DocuSign)

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