Cultural and Religious Clubs

Association of Latinx and Ally Students/ALAS

Advisor | Antonio Peña Anaya, 

ALAS Executive Team,

Asian Pacific American Student Union

President | Bryan Kha,
Advisor | Justin Li,

Black Student Union (BSU)

Advisor | Paul Snell,

Deutsch Club (German)

President | AJ Cummings,
Advisor | Lorely French,

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

President | Antoine Stitt,
Advisor | Liz Yandall,

French Club

President | Helena Guerrero,
Advisor | Jeanne-Sarah de Larquier,


President | Megan McKinney,
Advisor | Lois Hornberger,

Indigenous Student Alliance

President | Christian Mendoza Guerra,
Advisor | Nikol Roubidoux,

International Club

Advisor | Katelyn Eisenhooth,

International Studies Club

President | Payton Broussard,
Advisor | Jann Purdy,

Jewish Student Association

Advisor | Jason Feiner,

Japan Club

President | Shun Wetlesen
Advisor | Yasutaka Maruki,

Korean Club

President | Grace Cho,
Advisor | Gina Lee,

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association, far from being designed exclusively for Muslims, aims to build bridges between students of different backgrounds.

President | Hanin Najjar,
Advisor | Katharine Loevy,

Nā Haumāna O Hawai’i (NHOH)

Nā Haumāna O Hawai’i, Pacific University's Students of Hawai'i Club, is a prominent cultural organization on Pacific's campus, open to any individual interested in learning more about the Hawaiian culture. Founded in 1959, the club's mission is to "promote and radiate the spirit of Aloha and preserve and perpetuate our unique cultural heritage." Each spring, NHOH hosts the annual lu'au, a popular event open to the public and a hallmark of Pacific's calendar.

President | Logan Aki-Marcos,
Advisors | Janalei Chun, 
                 Hope Villanueva,

Pacific Christian Fellowship (PCF)

President | Michayla (Kayla) Sgobba ,
Advisor | Emily Coats,

Pamilya Ko!

President | Beah Marzan,
Advisor | Daniel Eisen,

Qilin Club of China

Co-Presidents | Adam Louie,
Advisor | Lily Tsang,

Rainbow Coalition

Advisor | Becca Ellenbecker,

Spanish Club

President | Elijah Pine,
Advisor | Victor Rodriguez,

Vietnamese Club

President | Jenny Nguyen,