Interprofessional Course Offerings

The College of Health Professions offers a variety of Interprofessional Elective Courses designed to integrate students from across the health professions to explore the course through an interprofessional lens.

CHP 505 & 506 - Healthcare Spanish I (Fall & Spring) & Healthcare Spanish II (Spring)

The course is designed to provide an introduction to Hispanic culture and the use of Spanish language in a healthcare setting.  Please visit our Healthcare Spanish webpage to learn more. (2 credits each)

CHP 415 - 515 Interprofessional Competence Course: Foundations of Interprofessional Practice

This course is required for all first-year health professions students.  This course promotes the development of essential skills and attitudes needed in order to function effectively in an interprofessional healthcare community.  Please visit our Interprofessional Competence Course webpage to learn more. (Fall - 1 credit)

CHP 420 - 520 Interprofessional International Travel Preparation

This course is designed to prepare students for international travel and successful engagement in the role of student practitioner in an educational experience abroad.  Focus is on global citizenship, cultural agility, professional and ethical behavior, and the pragmatics of preparation for travel. (Fall & Spring - 1 credit)

CHP 430 - 530 Interprofessional Global Health

This course is designed to offer students an opportunity to prepare for understanding the roles of global environmental and cultural impacts on health care delivery.  Focus is on global citizenship, cultural agility, and transnational models of healthcare, ethics, professionalism, and social justice. (Spring - 2 credits)

CHP 440 - 540 Diving Deep Into Diabetes

This course will provide an overview of the risk factors, diagnosis, progression, and treatment options for diabetes.  This class will also cover how diet and physical activity play a role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and pre-diabetes.  (Spring - 1 credit)

CHP 499 - 599 Aphasia Camp Northwest (Summer), Aphasia Couples Retreat (Spring), Aphasia Adventure Weekend (Fall)

These courses provide an opportunity for students to work with colleagues from across the health professions as interprofessional teams while serving people with aphasia along with their family members and caregivers in a camp setting.  Practice teaching and using supported communication strategies and functional life skills under supervision of licensed professionals.  There is a $180 registration fee associated with the Aphasia Adventure Weekend to offset costs of food and lodging for participating students. (1 credit each - Students may earn a maximum of 1 credit across all Aphasia courses.  Two or more Aphasia courses may be taken for experience, without credit)

CHP 499 - 599 Concentration in Interprofessional Education

The Concentration in Interprofessional Education is a unique recognition that may be earned by Pacific University students.  The Concentration in Interprofessional Education is the formal recognition of student's knowledge and skills, documented on their transcript as a Specialization, which will be beneficial in a competitive job market.  Please visit our Concentration in Interprofessional Education webpage for more information. (Fall & Spring - .5 credits)

CHP 499 - 599 Interprofessional Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder 

This course will use an active-learning interprofessional focus to learn about the neuroscience regarding development of ASD and clinical interventions for the benefit of clients with ASD. This course will use pre-class readings and in-class group case work to observe the roles of several professions in client advocacy and treatment. Special focuses will be on health care provider communication and collaboration, and client sensory sensitivities, behavioral, and medical needs. The wide range of severity with ASD will be appreciated, and varied levels of treatments will be discussed. (Spring - 1 credit)

CHP 499 - 599 Sexuality and Healthcare

This introductory course supports the development of informed, skilled health care practitioners to assess and address sexuality across the health-illness-health continuum.  (Fall - 1 credit)


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