Course Videos | IPE Elective

View video previews from the variety of Interprofessional Elective Courses offered by the College of Health Professions.

IPE Elective Course Videos 2020/2021 AY 

CHP 499/599 End of Life Care
Amanda Stead, PhD, CCC-SLP

CHP 425/525 IPE Concentration
Amber McIlwain, MS

CHP 420/520 Travel Prep
Michael J. Miller, PhD

CHP 405/505 Healthcare Spanish I & CHP 406/506 Healthcare Spanish II
Maria Jose Rodriguez, MS

CHP 430/530 Interprofessional Global Health  
Nicola Carter, PhD 

CHP 499/599 Interprofessional Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Amber Buhler, PhD

CHP 499/599 Pathology of Race and Racism
Talina S. M. Corvus, PT, DPT, PhD

CHP 499/599 Systemic Factors in Healthcare
Alisa Jordan Sheth, PhD, OTR/L