Interprofessional Certificate

IP is BEST Program

The Interprofessional Integrated Behavioral Health Education and SBIRT Training (IP is BEST) Program

Interprofessional Certificate Program Overview

Recognizing the importance preparing future health care professionals to compassionately respond to the behavioral health concerns of patients in their practices, Pacific University is pleased to announce the Interprofessional Integrated Behavioral Health Education and SBIRT Training (IP is BEST) program. 

Current CHP students are encouraged to apply to participate in our cohort of 10 learners which will start in Fall 2023. Completion of this no-cost program is a great opportunity to build your clinical repertoire and resume, and it enables you to apply for a $200 end-of-program stipend.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to 10 interprofessional students each year who are trained in SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral, and Treatment) techniques, have a deeper understanding of behavioral health and substance use issues, and have increased cultural awareness of the issues that act as barriers to achieving equitable healthcare services for patients across Oregon communities. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention by surveying graduates about (1) whether or not they think the certificate program improved their ability to obtain their desired position and (2) whether or not they are more confident and effective in their clinical practice because of the IP is BEST program. 

The IP is BEST program aims to improve the way the future healthcare workers interact with patients with behavioral health and substance use issues by providing interprofessional online learning and in-person clinical shadowing experiences.

IP is BEST Certificate Program Curriculum Schedule

Phase 1: Fall Semester

  • Online SBIRT Training 
  • Online SUD 101 Training 
  • Successfully complete both training courses and receive completion certificates

Phase 2: Spring Semester

  • Participation in and successful completion of CHP 450/550

Phase 3: Spring or Summer Semester

  • 8 hours on-site interprofessional experience at the PIPC (scheduling will not conflict with students’ course schedule for their CHP program)

Completion of all three phases allows the student to apply for a certificate of participation. Each student will receive a $200 stipend upon successful completion of the full certificate program.

Application deadline for program start in Fall 2023 is September 30, 2023.

Download the IP is BEST fillable application

E-mail completed applications to: