Faculty | PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Professor | Co-Director of Health Psychology Emphasis

Jennifer R. Antick researches resilience and medical status, strength-based assessment and therapy, coping with illness, motivational interviewing, medical influences on health behavior and medical decision-making.

Associate Professor | Director of Forensic Emphasis

Dr. Bobadilla will not be taking any PsyD students.
Dr. Bobadilla's interests include assessment of physical and sexual violence risk, treatment of sex offenders, relationship between psychopathy, narcissism, borderline personality traits and interpersonal aggression including sexual violence, ntegrating neurobiological markers (e.g., skin conductance, hormonal activity) with clinical measures for violence risk and clinical assessment, developmental trajectory and gender differences in the manifestation of psychopathy.

Associate Professor | Director of PsyD Program | Director of Clinical Training - PsyD Program

Dr. Clark's clinical and research interests include Parenting, Child Welfare, Trauma, Attachment, Child Abuse and Neglect, Preventative Interventions and Programing, Interface of Psychologists with the Legal System, Use of Forensic Evaluations in Court, Student Training and Supervision.

Professor | Director of Neuropsychology Emphasis

Dr. Daniel's interests include neuropsychological evaluation, mild head trauma, dementia, forensic evaluation and sports concussion.

Associate Professor

Katherine Elder's research involves eating disorders and obesity in adults and Latino psychology.

Associate Professor | Director of Adult Emphasis

Dr. Koslofsky will be on sabbatical for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Shahana Koslofsky's clinical and scholarly interests include diversity and cultural competence, Latino psychology, HIV/AIDS, psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy.


Dr. Michael teaches courses in Research Design and Advanced Statistics. His research interests include examining student attitudes and anxiety related to statistics and research.


Catherine Miller's research interests include child clinical psychology, juvenile delinquency, forensic psychology behavioral assessment and treatment, ethical issues, application of behavioral principles with animal behavior problems, and animal hoarding.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Reigeluth's current research focus includes gender socialization of boys and men as related to psychological well-being, empowerment-based therapy approaches with marginalized males, and interventions to support healthier gender development for boys. His clinical interests include adolescent mental health, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and trauma-focused interventions. 


Dr. Schwartz is a Professor in the School of Graduate Psychology. He identifies as a clinical psychologist with a strong interest in neuropsychology.

Associate Professor | Co-Director of Health Psychology Emphasis

Dr. Seawell will be on sabbatical for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Dr. Seawell's clinical and research interests include Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Chronic Illness in African Americans and other at risk, community-based samples, Positive Health Psychology with emphasis on the Psychology of Forgiveness and Forgiveness-Based interventions, Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine, Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies related to these topics.

Picture of Tamara Tasker outside with trees and grass
Associate Professor | Director of Academics

Dr. Tasker's clinical and research interests are in sport and performance psychology and working with college students and student athletes.

Zaman Ahmar head shot
Assistant Professor

Dr. Zaman’s clinical interests include conducting forensic psychological evaluations with adolescents involved with the juvenile justice system and working with youth in areas related to racial, cultural identity, and intersectionality. His research interests explore understanding how mental health, socioeconomic status, and racial and gender identity impact youth’s involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Associate Professor | Director of Sabiduría: Latinx Psychology Emphasis

Dr. Zúñiga will be taking a leave of absence for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Dr. Ruth Zúñiga's interests include integrated health care, behavioral health interventions for diabetes care, cross-cultural and Latinx psychology, multicultural competency, cultural adaptations, mindfulness and mental health seeking behaviors