Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education

In collaboration with local school districts, the College of Education offers an intensive teacher education program for those seeking initial licensure in special education. The special education program is offered at the Eugene and Forest Grove campuses.

Students will complete all the requirements of the special educator program and participate in a capstone student-teaching experience for 12-18 weeks. Upon completion of the program, students will receive the master of arts in teaching degree and be eligible for SPED licensure.

The program design is customized for students who continue to work as paraeducators during the program, for those on restricted licenses, or for those without extensive work experience in a special education setting.

Program Start Date Early Application Deadline Final Application Deadline
MAT Special Education, Eugene Late August March 15 May 1
MAT Special Education, Forest Grove January n/a Oct. 1

Student Learning Outcomes

The special education program at Pacific University is dedicated to preparing all teachers to support students with disabilities as equal and valuable members of the school community through a curriculum that focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • Ability to implement strategies for teaching students with disabilities
  • Facility with technologies for 21st Century teaching and learning
  • Ability to implement inclusive practices for diverse learners
  • Knowledge of how to build school partnerships and internships
  • Skill in special education leadership and advocacy



Apply now!

Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions | Forest Grove
503-352-1435 or 877-722-8648 ext. 1435 |

Tracy Conaghan | Assistant Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions | Eugene
541-485-6812 |

Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Associate Professor of Education; Special Education Program Coordinator (Eugene)
Section SPED Initial License MAT Credit Hrs
SPED-500 Foundations of Special Education 2
EDUC-606 Critical Perspectives on Identity and Social Systems* 3
SPED-505 Exceptionalities 2
SPED-510 Behavior Management for Special Educators 3
SPED-517 Case Management for Special Educators 1
SPED-518 Collaboration in Schools 1
EDUC-614 Teaching & Inquiry III: Critical Analysis and Decision-making* 2
SPED-520 Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education 3
SPED-530 Integrated Curriculum and Methods for Students with Disabilities: Academic 3
SPED-535 Integrated Curriculum and Methods for Students with Disabilities: Functional 3
SPED-541 Technology for Teacher Productivity 1
EDUC-607 Technological Learning Environments* 2
SPED-542 Assistive Technology 1
SPED-550 Practicum - Special Education 1-6
SPED-575 Student Teaching 2-15
SPED-576 Seminar (2 sessions required) 1
EDUC-501 Foundations of General Education 2
EDUC-613 Teaching & Inquiry II: Design and Implementation* 2
EDUC-561 Foundations of Human Development & Psychology 4
EDUC-604 Advanced Educational Psychology, Development, & Learning* 4
EDUC-600 Learning Communities (3 sessions required) 1
EDUC-670 Introduction to Professional Inquiry 1
EDUC-671 Scholarship of Teaching 1
EDUC-648 Critical Perspectives in School Contexts* 2
EDUC-620 Language Acquisition in Children 2
Total Credits 48

* Indicates a Eugene-only course that replaces one or more courses.