Specialized Tracks | Physician Assistant Studies

Hawai‘i Outreach Initiative

Applicable to applicants from Hawai‘i only.

Pacific University has a long standing history with students from Hawai‘i and would like to extend that relationship to our School of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies. We are committed to addressing the physician assistant workforce issues in Hawai‘i.

The Hawai‘i Outreach Initiative is both an admissions opportunity as well as a clinical rotation priority in the state of Hawai’i. In order to show our commitment to Hawai’i, we will extend invitations to interview to the top five scoring Hawai’i Outreach applicants each year. While this does not guarantee admission, it is an acknowledgment of our dedication to Hawai‘i and the changing needs of the Islands.

In order to qualify for the Hawai’i Outreach Initiative, a prospective student must have a strong connection to Hawai’i and have active plans to return to the islands to practice as a PA. The strong connection may be shown by one or more of the following: current address, permanent address, high school diploma, college diploma, driver’s license, or Native Hawaiian ancestry.

If students from Hawai‘i are admitted to the program they will complete their didactic phase in Hillsboro, Oregon, with the rest of the incoming class. Students in the Hawai‘i Outreach Initiative will have preference for the available clinical rotations in Hawai‘i. Rotations are subject to availability. Pacific University continually seeks out rotation sites in Hawai‘i which will provide students with quality experiences and networking opportunities.

There is no separate application for the Hawai‘i Outreach Initiative. Students are initially identified through their application materials and their stated commitment, on the Supplemental Application, to return to Hawai‘i following graduation to work as a PA. Please contact Graduate Admissions if you have any questions.

Rural Health Care Track

Applicable to current students only

Pacific University graduates are more than twice as likely to work in rural areas or medically underserved communities than their counterparts nationally. In support of its students and in the spirit of its mission to provide primary healthcare to the underserved, the Pacific University School of Physician Assistant Studies has developed the Rural Health Care Track (RHCT).

During their first year, physician assistant students will be invited to apply to be a member of the RHCT. The RHCT is designed to better prepare students who plan to work in rural locations, particularly in Oregon and Hawai‘i. The RHCT students will be selected through a separate admission process which will include an application and an in-person interview to evaluate the applicant's commitment to practicing in an underserved community.

RHCT students' interest in rural medicine will be nurtured through several structured opportunities during their physician assistant education. During the didactic phase of the curriculum, the RHCT cohort will participate in additional small group sessions to better prepare them to work in a rural setting. In the clinical phase, the RHCT students will complete their 12-week family medicine rotation and up to 2 additional 6-week rotations in a rural community. The students will live in the rural community and will be encouraged to be actively involved in the community during their stay. RHCT students will also complete a graduate project which focuses on a rural health or rural community topic. If you are interested in practicing in rural and medically underserved areas, we hope you will apply to be part of this exciting new program at Pacific University.

Veterans Outreach Initiative

Applicable to veteran applicants only

The Pacific University School of Physician Assistant Studies has a longstanding history of supporting veterans to become physician assistants. The school has two programs to assist veterans to become PAs at Pacific, the Veterans Outreach Initiative and the Bachelor's Degree Completion Option.

The Veterans Outreach Initiative is an admissions advantage. The top seven veteran applicants, who meet all minimum criteria required by the School of Physician Assistant Studies, will be granted an on-campus interview. While this does not guarantee admission, it is an acknowledgment of our dedication to veterans and their needs.

We provide a master's level curriculum; however, it is possible to gain admission without a prior bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's Degree Completion Option was initially designed for veterans and is now an option for all students. The school acknowledges veterans' non-traditional route to the PA profession and is excited to offer the option for those who will benefit from this additional opportunity.

There is no separate application for the Veterans Outreach Initiative or Bachelor's Degree Completion Program. Students are initially identified through their CASPA and Supplemental Application. Please contact Graduate Admissions if you have any questions.