Why Choose Pacific for Physician Assistant Studies

The Pacific University School of Physician Assistant Studies welcomes students from across the nation and the world to join in our mission. They bring a common passion in providing access to quality healthcare to rural and underserved communities, experience within the health care field, strength in academics, and more! Learn more about the current students and graduates of our program.

Why Students Choose Pacific University

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Joseph V. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I needed to be in a program where competition was non-existent between myself and my peers. Not only are my classmates supportive of my academic endeavors, but this low pressure environment made it easier to connect with my colleagues and make lifelong friends. This kind of support has proven to be essential during such a challenging education.

After graduation I hope to…Work both in emergency medicine as well as work specifically with the LGBTQ+ population for specific care, such as gender-affirming care. Additionally, I hope to help develop the healthcare education on a national level concerning non-heterosexual/gender diverse populations.

Mariah H. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I was really interested in attending a program that utilized a module-based curriculum as well as a program that graded using a pass-fail system. I also prioritized a program which showcased more of a family atmosphere during the interview process. Since attending Pacific, it is everything I wished it would be and more. The pass-fail system really supports a cooperative learning environment as opposed to a competitive one. The faculty and staff are incredibly supportive and receptive to feedback. I also really enjoy that Pacific, as well as Oregon, are on the cutting edge for medical education and practice (i.e. POC US & Optimal Team Practice).

After graduation I hope to…serve kiddos and their families from rural or underserved communities!

Faith R. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…It blended excellent academics, down-to-earth faculty, and great location all into one! I loved the idea of module-based curriculum, and it is clear that Pacific has this style of learning down to a science. PA school is going to be hard no matter what, but this is alleviated by professors that genuinely care about our development as clinicians and our holistic development into more competent, confident people! All of my expectations of Pacific (which were admittedly quite high to begin with) have been met, and I would recommend them to any Pre-PAs anywhere.

After graduation I hope to…Become a Primary Care provider in urban/rural underserved communities. I am fortunate to have received a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) scholarship that will place me in one of those communities when I graduate. Pacific has uniquely prepared me for this through their Rural Health Care Track, which I would highly recommend.

Adriana G. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…of the module based curriculum.

After graduation I hope to…work in OB/GYN and/or LGBTQIA+ medicine.

Mandalyn S. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Bountiful, UT

Pacific was the right choice for me because…The curriculum format allows me to really engage with the material and understand how it applies to the human body. Rather than taking multiple courses at once and being forced to divide my attention between different upcoming exams, the module style allows me to focus on a single body system and really understand it holistically, from signs and symptoms to treatments and so on. The grading style and emphasis on team and group work creates a noncompetitive atmosphere. My classmates are my good friends. The faculty are so open, humble, professional, and helpful, and truly do everything they can to help you succeed. I would pick Pacific over and over again.

After graduation I hope to…I hope to work in a rural or underserved family practice clinic, focusing on providing high-quality care to patients experiencing many barriers to accessing primary care services.

Colleen L. | Class of 2023

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I loved the idea of the module-style curriculum and being able to focus on one specific topic and building upon that foundation throughout the didactic year. Having exams on Fridays and weekends between modules was perfect for me because it allowed me to reset before deep-diving into another subject. I love the PNW so I was also able to spend time exploring during my free time! I also appreciated Pacific's emphasis on social justice and commitment to the underserved. The curriculum has opened my eyes and taught me so much and I am excited to become an advocate for those in my community. Lastly, I immediately felt a sense of community from Pacific University faculty and staff on the day of my interview. I knew this is where I would find my second family and the support I would need to get me through PA school.

After graduation I hope to…work with underserved populations, be a resource and educate communities on how to advocate for themselves. I'm interested in many specialties but I hope to explore and find something I am passionate about!

Tayler M. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Gilroy, CA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I knew I wanted to come back to Oregon because I went to undergrad in the area. When I saw Pacific had a program and saw how they had a modular system set up I instantly knew this was the program I wanted to be a part of. This was further confirmed after my interview when everyone was so warm and welcoming and I felt like I would be really supported (which I have been). The modular learning system fits perfectly with how I learn and I attribute this with my success throughout the program. I feel that not only are we learning different disease processes, but also learning how to be better future providers in the future. I couldn't have asked for a better program to be a part of!

After graduation I hope to…pass the PANCE and return to California to practice in hopefully either Women's Health or Orthopedic surgery.

Jessa A. | Class of 2023

Hometown: Unalaska, AK

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I wanted classmates, professors, and staff to be supportive of my journey, rather than presenting more barriers. Pacific is team-focused. A lot of previous reviews describe the culture as "like a family"; I think it is more of a solid team. Each module is set up for students to succeed and our faculty is always ready to help every student perform competently.

After graduation I hope to…I will probably travel back to Humboldt County, where I have lived for the past seven years. I am becoming a PA because I know that I am someone who will practice in multiple areas of medicine across my career, but will likely start in Family Medicine.

Crystal C. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Rochester, MI

Pacific was the right choice for me because…The program allowed me to travel to different regions of the country during my clinical year-- places I wouldn't have traveled to had I not been given the opportunity. Every region practices medicine differently and I am grateful to have gained a variety of perspectives on patient care.

After graduation I hope to…Settle down in the Portland area and practice in orthopedic surgery.

Rebecca D. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…of the welcoming community that Pacific provides, the learning resources, and the modular didactic curriculum style. The friends I have made at Pacific will last a lifetime, and the support from the faculty is unparalleled. The learning environment was always extremely collaborative and not competitive, which was such a great experience. The module-based learning was pivotal in tackling the didactic curriculum in a way that just makes sense. It also helps better visualize what it would be like to work in certain specialities when you are learning all aspects of one system at the same time. The program is also located within the beautiful Pacific Northwest which I thoroughly enjoyed having access to while attending the program. I am very thankful for such an amazing class and to have been a part of this program.

After graduation I hope to…finish my DMSc and find a job as a PA where I can learn, collaborate, and advocate for patients! I also plan on getting involved with PA education

Sierra G. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Longmont, CO

Pacific was the right choice for me because…Interview day directly reflects the support received from the faculty during didactic year. Each and every one of them want you to succeed and will put in the extra time. The faculty are devoted to their students and it shines well above many other programs.

After graduation I hope to…Continue to build on the medical foundation Pacific provided me with. I hope to practice in an urgent care or emergency room.

Parya S. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Pacific was the right choice for me because…The faculty are very supportive and want all of us to succeed. From the first moment I visited Pacific University for my PA interview I felt right at home.

After graduation I hope to…Pass my PANCE, travel and find my dream job.

Joellen D. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Spokane,WA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…I was seeking professors that were approachable and genuinely invested in my learning. I’m treated like a future colleague at Pacific. The faculty are hilarious and will bend over backwards to help me succeed. They made PA school fun! I felt supported during the entire process. Thank you Pacific!

After graduation I hope to…Work in Internal Medicine.

Madeline J. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…The atmosphere at Pacific is supportive: classmates help each other study, staff members work together with the class, and learning is for benefiting the community rather than focused on scores.

After graduation I hope to…Work in family medicine.

Jason L. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Laie, HI

Pacific was the right choice for me because…it lives up to its promise as an institution where collaborative, team-based learning is prized over competition. Throughout my time at Pacific I have consistently felt as though my fellow classmates were my colleagues. There is a genuine sense that we are all in this together throughout the hardships of studying and traveling across the country for rotations. I have friends in rank-driven programs and I can assure you that they envy the warmth and closeness among the student body that Pacific offers.

After graduation I hope to…work in dermatology or the ER. I know those are almost polar opposites, but I feel comfortable in pursuing either as Pacific has offered me the chance to learn and practice in both areas.

Carissa E. | Class of 2022

Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA

Pacific was the right choice for me because…The community of professors, classmates, and school felt like a place I could feel at home, be supported, and grow into a great provider. I especially loved the non-competitive nature of a pass/fail program the worked to bring classmates together.

After graduation I hope to…Work in an underserved family medicine clinic in Oregon.


Jennifer M. | Class of 2019 

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Pacific was the right choice for me because… The module style curriculum was conducive to my learning, and I immediately fell in love with the family vibes that I got from the faculty and upperclassmen starting from my interview and continuing throughout the didactic year.
After graduation I hope to… become a PA that works with a pediatric population.

Kate G. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Corvallis, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… I was initially drawn to Pacific because of it's modular style of teaching during the didactic year. During the interview I knew Pacific was the right place for me because of the welcoming and supportive faculty and friendly upperclassman that seemed genuinely passionate about the program. Once I was here I loved the non-competitive environment and my classmates who all bring incredible experience and insight into our classroom. Everything about Pacific was what I'd hoped for in a PA program!
After graduation I hope to… Find a job near home and gain some general experience in urgent care, family practice or emergency medicine before I decide what is the best fit for me long term!

Matt E. | Class of 2019

Beaverton, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… the modular curriculum format is extremely effective and it was a great fit for my learning style. Focusing on one body system at a time made it easier for me to process and retain the information. Working as a team is also important to me and Pacific's pass/fail grading structure facilitates a culture where students elevate their classmates, rather than working to outperform one another. However, the best part of Pacific is the faculty and staff. They genuinely care about a students’ success. They are truly dedicated to producing ethical, caring, and well-prepared healthcare providers.
After graduation I hope to… find a position in a team based environment with a supervising physician that is invested in my growth as a clinician. 

Josh O. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Bend, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because... first and foremost because of the faculty and staff. On my interview day I realized that every professor truly gives their all to each student and wants them to succeed. They value Pacific students and the diverse backgrounds they come from, as well as view students as future colleagues who they want to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, Pacific's modular system, which is used to integrate all aspects of a body system including anatomy, disease states, and pharmaceutical treatment, helps to make "drinking from the firehose" a little bit easier.
After graduation I hope to… work in LGBTQ+ primary care and/or HIV care.

Justin C. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Molalla, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… nothing felt more like home than Pacific. My class as well as the faculty and staff have become a second family for me, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Pacific truly cares about their students and it shows in the passion the faculty and staff exude throughout your time with the program. In regards to the program specifically, their modular-based curriculum was super beneficial to my learning style and logistically made sense to learn everything we needed to one body system at a time. I personally wasn't interested in competitive programs, therefore their pass/no pass grading system was fantastic. It removed the internal competition among my cohort, and actually established more of a team-based environment by having the opportunity to take exams again within our groups. Overall, I am extremely thankful for this class, and am honored to be a Pacific student.
After graduation I hope to… pass PANCE and start my career as a PA. I'm still contemplating whether I want to take a short break afterwards and enjoy the fresh air of having completed the program, but we will see.

Molly B. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Boulder, CO 
Pacific was the right choice for me because… When I heard Dr. Von speak at the interview I immediately knew Pacific was the perfect fit. The faculty and staff are the kindest people I have encountered in academics and they sincerely care about our success as clinicians. They molded our individual personalities to create a supportive and charismatic PA family. They are constantly updating their curriculum to the latest practices in medicine and always incorporating our feedback into the lectures. At Pacific we learn the medicine, but we're also learning how to successfully communicate and connect with patients. Pacific's global healthcare track was another huge attraction for me. I have always had a passion for international health and this year I have the opportunity to practice medicine in Nepal! I knew PA school would be difficult, but at Pacific there are endless opportunities for support from faculty, fellow students, and past Pacific graduates. I feel so lucky to be part of such an inclusive family and feel confident that I will leave Pacific as a well-prepared clinician.  
After graduation I hope to… First, pass the PANCE! Second, spend a few weeks traveling.  Then, settling back in Colorado working as either a cardiology or orthopedic PA. 

Nicole M. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Missoula, MT
Pacific was the right choice for me because… I chose Pacific because I wanted a community. I went to a large school for Undergrad and always felt like a face among hundreds in large lecture halls. During the interview day, current students raved about their instructors. One year later and I am one of those students. At Pacific, my professors know exactly who I am. They know my individual strengths, weakness, and goals. They know where I'm from and where I want to end up at the end of my time here. My rotations are scheduled by the Clinical team with my career interests and my personality in mind. I was never a face in a crowd here.  
After graduation I hope to… Return to my home state of Montana to practice in the Missoula community. 

Meredith D. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Pacific was the right choice for me because… of the endless support from the staff and faculty. This program takes every benchmark in PA education and finds a way to exceed it. Not only has this program taught me to be a provider, it has taught me to be a better person. I am lucky to attend this program and am forever thankful for my time at Pacific. 
After graduation I hope to… become part of a rural community and practice primary care while enjoying the mountains and rivers of Oregon.

Amanda B. | Class of 2019  

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… of the module based curriculum and collaborative classroom atmosphere. The lack of competition between students makes for an ideal learning environment and everyone is willing to help each other become the best providers we can be. I was interested in the rural health care track from the beginning and I think it was such a valuable addition to my education. 
After graduation I hope to… work in primary care in rural Oregon for at least a year and after that who knows! 

Jenna S. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Medford, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… of so many things! The modular curriculum, the dedicated faculty and staff, the global and rural tracks, the family atmosphere, the all-for-one and one-for-all attitude, and so much more. I was lucky enough to attend Pacific as an undergraduate, and I jumped at the opportunity to return. The university as a whole takes its mission statement seriously and truly values each student. The PA program cultivates high-quality PAs, but more importantly, it encourages students to grow as people.
After graduation I hope to… find the right mentor and environment in which I can be most successful as a new grad!

Erin M. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… From my first visit day it was clear that the faculty was both highly knowledgeable and committed to their students, and this absolutely held true throughout the program. I feel not only supported, but also personally known by the faculty and staff, and that is invaluable. Pacific's PA program is a place where professors get to know us individually, take our feedback seriously, push us out of our comfort zones, and help us grow as people and future providers. We are taught to high standards and I feel very prepared to enter the clinical year, and I know that I will graduate ready to jump into any field thanks to the education Pacific has provided.
After graduation I hope to… Enter a critical care residency or start a job in inpatient medicine, either hospital medicine, critical care, or palliative medicine.

Shannon T. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Roseburg OR 
Pacific was the right choice for me because... I didn't just receive an education, I gained a family. My classmates became my best friends; they were always there if I needed encouragement, a shoulder to cry on or an escape from the craziness of school. My class worked so well together, and I attribute our cohesiveness to Pacific University's ability to meticulously create an amazing group of PAs. The faculty and staff here are amazing. They all bring something unique to the table and are incredibly competent in their respective fields. They are always happy to help, and patiently answer the never-ending string of questions we bombard them with. I love the module system, it is a wonderful way to learn and I don't know how schools do it any other way. I'm also a huge fan of the travel program Pacific offers for the Clinical Phase. We are not just confined to the state of Oregon, but get to venture out all across the country and even internationally! Pacific University's PA program is fantastic, and I am thankful every day that I chose this school. 
After graduation I hope to... Move back to Oregon's Willamette Valley area with my husband. I plan to start my career by working in a primary care setting in a rural community. I am passionate about working with the underserved and am part of Pacific's Rural Healthcare Track and a recipient of Oregon's Primary Care Loan Forgiveness Award. 

Ashley A. | Class of 2019

Hometown: Scappoose, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… The level of support from the faculty and my classmates is so fantastic, it's unreal. I have never experienced anything like it. There is always someone to pick you up when you are feeling down, and remind you what you are working so hard for!
After graduation I hope to… stay in Oregon and work in pediatrics. I love the Pacific Northwest and would love to continue to call it home! Also, working with children is so empowering for me because they are so motivated to get better.

Evelyn E. | Class of 2019

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Pacific was the right choice for me because… From the moment I arrived at Pacific's interview I knew it was the school for me. And now having finished didactic year I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Pacific's faculty and staff are a cut above, always available to meet the academic needs of students but also to support their emotional well-being. They roam the halls in the evenings before assessments asking if anyone has questions or needs encouragement. I really enjoyed having lectures from a faculty made up of both MDs and PAs, each profession providing their unique perspective. The modular curriculum is another strength of Pacific's program. It allowed me to focus on one body system at a time, incorporating all the related anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical exam skills. I am excited to start clinical rotations thanks to a dedicated clinical faculty team that has hand chosen my rotations to suit my interests and hone my skills. Go Boxers!
After graduation I hope to… Work in a variety of specialties within the medical field, perhaps starting with Emergency Medicine!

Heather W. | Class of 2018

Hometown: De Pere, WI
Pacific was the right choice for me because… of the non-competitive environment. I've found this fosters relationships that are built on communication, respect, and teamwork. Communication, respect, and teamwork are exactly what our future profession is all about, therefore, I believe Pacific is preparing me to be an effective PA-C.
After graduation I hope to… continue to work in an environment where my peers and I act as a team to improve the lives of individuals in the community we serve.

Danielle D. | Class of 2018

Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Pacific was the right choice for me because…I was looking for a PA program that would foster a collaborative environment with the opportunity to engage in community service and gain experience in global health - requirements that Pacific exceeds.  I am constantly impressed and inspired by our faculty and my classmates and am incredibly grateful for all of the help extended to me throughout the didactic year so far.
After graduation I hope to…gain some experience working in a rural ER or primary care setting with the goal of later finding a long-term position working in global health. 

Amber M. | Class of 2018

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Pacific was the right choice for me because… from communicating with the program through the application process to interview day, I felt welcomed and could sense the community within the program. Everyone was incredibly friendly and honest, making the interview day a remarkably comfortable environment for a stressful situation.  I was drawn to the program by the location, the impressive statistics, and the modular curriculum format, however the interview day was when I knew Pacific was where I saw myself attending school.  While going through the application process I was originally concerned with simply getting accepted to any program due to the extremely competitive process.  However, I have now realized what a difference the school you attend can make, and how important it is to have a non-competitive atmosphere with supportive classmates and faculty who are invested in your learning and development as a practitioner.  I am extremely thankful to be a part of such an amazing class, and honored to be a part of this program.
After graduation I hope to… return to Colorado, and start my career as a PA! However, I look forward to living in different areas throughout rotations and potentially finding somewhere else I’d love to move while I begin working.  I have several different specialties of interest ranging from pediatrics to trauma/surgery, and am hoping to narrow down these interests during clinical rotations.

Kate Z. | Class of 2018

Hometown: Lake City, PA
Pacific was the right choice for me because… from the time I first heard about Pacific, I knew that Pacific was the perfect fit for me. The faculty and staff in the program are some of the kindest and caring individuals that I have ever encountered in academia. They truly care about the success of the class and give encouragement every step of the way. They take care to choose a caring and well-rounded personalities and believe that every student is there for a reason. They are continuously making improvements to the program based on feedback from the class. The faculty presents their immense knowledge to the class in very engaging ways. Lastly, I think a lot of schools say that they care about rural and global healthcare, but Pacific truly aims to produce students with these same goals. I am very excited to continue learning about global healthcare and to do a rotation in Vietnam next year.
After graduation I hope to…provide psychiatric care to individuals in a rural setting of either Alaska or Colorado. Once I have gained a good knowledge base, I would love to work for a wilderness therapy program for struggling adolescents. 

Wiley M. | Class of 2018

Hometown: Telluride, CO
Pacific was the right choice for me because… After my interview I got a real sense that the faculty truly care about our success. The faculty and staff are truly invested in each one of us and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn under these seasoned clinicians. 
After graduation I hope to... pursue a fellowship in orthopedic surgery or emergency medicine and work close to the mountains in Colorado.

Kayla M. | Class of 2018

Hometown: Austin, TX
Pacific was the right choice for me because… the way that they set up their entire program. They put a lot of emphasis on the module-based learning and expose you to physical exam skills as early as the first summer that you are in school. They really focus on preparing you for rotations and beyond by getting you familiar with reading EKGs/CXR/Imaging, casting, writing notes, exposure to EPIC, doppler ultrasound, clinic time, and the list goes on and on. Every effort is made to help you succeed, and the faculty is more than open to opinions and suggestions about how things can be made better in the future.
After graduation I hope to… I'm just thinking about clinical rotations. Ask me again in a year!

Shannon D. | Class of  2017

Hometown: Denver CO
Pacific was the right choice for me because… of the supportive environment and investment in its students. From interview day and on Pacific has impressed me at every step of the way. It is evident that our success during the didactic, clinical phase and onto us becoming clinicians is their primary focus. They do everything to support us. Examples include, professors roaming the hall answering our questions at 9pm on a Friday night and even on Sunday. To our clinical coordinator picking me up in Salem because of car trouble. Even during the clinical phase, although we are all across the country, you can still feel the support and it is literally just a phone call away. I have colleagues in other programs and it’s important to realize that some programs "weed the students out." At Pacific, once you’re in, they will do everything in their power to keep it that way. Life doesn't stop just because of PA school (although sometimes you wish it would). They know that and work with us through the good the bad and the ugly. The program fosters an environment of growth, communication and pushes us be better than we could have imagined. The didactic phase has prepared us for the clinical year and the clinical year no doubt is preparing us to be outstanding clinicians.
After graduation I hope to… work in Women's Health/ OBGYN or orthopedics.

Jason R. | Class of 2017

Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Pacific was the right choice for me because… it had a cohort which allowed me to feel supported at times, challenged, and felt like a good fit. I found multiple professors on staff that I felt comfortable talking to as well as learning from. Finally, I felt more than my own drive to help me succeed.
After graduation I hope to… enter into a role either in a specialty of pulmonology, an ED or Urgent Care facility, or a role in sports medicine.

Heidi W. | Class of 2017

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because... I felt at home at Pacific. I love the professors and the staff. I have always felt supported and encouraged that I can achieve anything and I should expect the best for myself and strive to be the best for my future patients. I also liked being in a building with so many different health professions. I also am a bit biased (as a native Oregonian), but Oregon is pretty amazing. Close to the coast, mountains, desert, and much more. It's a beautiful place.
After graduation I hope to…make a difference, be an excellent provider and be an advocate for my patients. I want to always keep my empathy for everyone and work as hard as possible. As for an area of medicine, I am unsure at this point. Every rotation I do, I enjoy! It's hard to pick, which encourages me and makes me excited for the future.

Brady B. | Class of 2017

Hometown: Issaquah, WA
Pacific was the right choice for me because…Pacific is a fantastic place that fosters individual growth and learning. I am continually impressed by the faculty’s investment in us and the support they give. I feel that I have been given all the tools and information necessary to succeed both academically and professionally in the future. PA school is hard, a lot is expected of you, and as such we as students were enrolled with respect and treated as adults right from the start.
One of the best things about Pacific is that they make you personally more competitive and honest with yourself while dissolving competition amongst your fellow classmates. My drive to be successful grew while at Pacific and it was not driven by my desire to be better than the person sitting next to me. I was immediately impressed by my classmates, they are brilliant, hardworking, compassionate, and unwaveringly empathetic. If anything speaks of the success of this program at Pacific U, it is the amazing people that get accepted and the faculty that recognize our (your) potential. I guarantee that you will succeed here and make many friends along the way.
After graduation I hope to…stay in the NW and close to the mountains. I have enjoyed each of my rotations making it harder than I expected to choose a path to specialize in. At this point I know I would like a broad spectrum of medicine with Primary Care, ED, Urgent Care, or Hospitalist. 

Barbara I. ‘16

Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA
Pacific was the right choice for me because… I chose Pacific for many reasons.  On the top of the list was the modular curriculum format which I knew would be beneficial for my learning style.  Second was the opportunity to travel internationally for a clinical rotation.  Then it was the diversity of the faculty and the experience they bring to the classroom.  The final decision was easy as my interview experience was so positive.  I had many interviews at other institutions to compare with and Pacific went out of their way to answer my questions and concerns as well as finding out what "my story" was why I wanted to pursue this career.  It was the best decision I could have hoped for and my time here has been amazing.
After graduation I hope to…  I will return to California and hope to work in an urgent care setting for the first two years to gain experience.  After that, I want to move into Women's Health.  My goal is to open a free monthly wound care clinic with a focus on Diabetic education for the underserved in my area.

Alexander H. ‘16

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Pacific was the right choice for me because…they have an amazing faculty, facility, classmates, and opportunities. The faculty is second to none. They are committed to your education and will come early and stay late to help you. Out of all the interviews I went to, Pacific's campus was the cleanest, newest and most state-of-the-art. They have TV screens mounted in every patient room and simulation room. My classmates are the best. They are bright, caring, and we all look out for each other. We have a simulation lab with a mannequin capable of blinking, breathing with breath sounds to auscultate, speaking, having a heart rate with peripheral pulses and more. We have countless volunteer opportunities, a free clinic during our didactic year so that we have clinic experience before we start rotations. We also have the honor of having many guest lecturers to speak to us in their field of expertise.
After graduation I hope to…return to the Bay Area to find a position in primary or urgent care. I hope to someday work in a specialty or ED setting after getting comfortable with the primary care setting. Oregon is lovely, however, and I wouldn't mind in the least working up here if I was offered a position in the Portland metropolitan area! Right now I'm just excited to start clinical rotations!

Larissa F. ‘16

Hometown: Bismarck, ND/Breckenridge, CO
Pacific was the right choice for me because… right from the start the program seemed different from all the others I had inquired about or interviewed. Graduate Admissions responded quickly to every email or inquiry with thoughtful responses and nothing seemed pre-formatted. The faculty on interview day were not nearly as intimidating as others I has been exposed to and they seemed genuinely interested as what I had to say as a prospective student. Once I started the program it was even more evident that faculty really cared about the students and getting us through the program. On an academic note I really liked the modular system and learning the body system by system. I don't think I would have been able to learn the volume of information if it was formatted differently. Lastly, coming from Colorado I had a certain lifestyle involving the outdoors that we wanted to maintain. I don't think my husband or my dogs could have handled another location for two years.
After graduation I hope to… find a great supervising physician to begin solidifying all that I've learned over the last two years. Ideally finding an opportunity in emergency medicine or urgent care back in Colorado would be my first choice. However if the right opportunity presents itself somewhere else who knows. I still have a lot of medicine to learn and I may find what I think I'm interested in is not really my passion in medicine. Right now I've got to keep my focus on my rotations and look forward to an amazing vacation when this is all done.

Rachel J. ‘16

Hometown: Litchfield, MN
Pacific was the right choice for me because… Pacific goes a step above the rest in many aspects.  From just after submitting my CASPA application to acceptance, I felt a sense of community and care that I didn't get from the other schools.  During the interview day, I felt valued and meant to be there. The interview was relaxed, the professors and staff were friendly, and the food was delicious! Once I was accepted, the community feeling continued when I began connecting with my future classmates. Although people came from very different backgrounds, Pacific made us feel like we were all at the same level.  After I started school, Pacific truly blew me away.  The professors will bend over backwards for you to make sure you are not only understanding the material, but handling the stress of PA school adequately too.  The staff knew my name within the first week. A few things I noticed throughout the didactic year that really made Pacific stand out to me: 1. the staff listens to us- we fill out evaluations on every class, speaker, SIM case, and more, and they take our comments to heart and do whatever they can to make a change- not just for the "next class", but for us here and now.  They are incredibly accommodating to our needs to make the learning environment more conducive and the stress any less daunting. 2. Their educating process really works! Pacific has a long history of successful PAs, so I learned to trust in their process to prepare me to be a quality clinician.  Pacific has an excellent first-time pass rate for the PANCE, so that speaks volumes to how they prepare their students to be competent. 
After graduation I hope to… practice in family medicine in my great state of Minnesota or stay in Oregon. Both areas have great healthcare models and have lots to offer my husband and me. I hope to start a family, travel, and maybe even run a marathon!

Hayley K. ‘16

Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… Pacific offers a well-established modular curriculum and a dedicated faculty. This was most important for me to succeed in my PA education. However, when classes started I realized that there is so much more to this program. They push us to develop a solid clinical thought process from day one of the program. We are able to meet all the goals required, but the main goal at Pacific is to train excellent clinicians and to ensure our success and overall well-being.
After graduation I hope to… be an excellent clinician in many specialties throughout my career. I want to love what I am doing every day and increase the overall wellness of my community.

Natasha L. ‘16

Hawaii Outreach Student
Hometown: Hilo, HI
Pacific was the right choice for me because…I was drawn to the student-focused family environment. Interview day featured current students and graduates of Pacific as well as faculty and staff. Everyone thinks of interview day as solely an opportunity to attempt to impress a program, but in reality a program is there to impress you as well. Pacific stood out in every aspect. The sense of family conveyed on that day is what makes Pacific so unique. Every member of the Pacific team is committed to making us the most qualified and compassionate clinicians we can be. They go above and beyond to make this happen, seriously! They will stay as late needed to make sure a difficult concept is fully understood and are always available via email for that last minute question. Their dedication to our education as students does not stop there; they also genuinely care about our success as people. Plus, you cannot beat the location. Within 30 minutes, you can be immersed in the sights and sounds of Portland or take an hour drive out to the Oregon coast.  Pacific is everything I hoped it would be and more.
After graduation I hope to…provide quality, compassionate, and individualized care to patients in either the Pacific Northwest or Hawaii.

Amanda P. ‘15

Hometown: Portland, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because… from the very first moments that I had experienced Pacific’s PA program I felt such a strong sense of community that still is strong and thriving now that I am well into the program finishing up my first year. When I went to my interview, it was such a different experience and process compared to every other school that I had interviewed at. Everyone from the staff to some of the returning graduates and especially Leah Baldwin were so welcoming and made a potentially stressful day actually an enjoyable experience. This sense of family that they convey at interviews really rings true! The staff is like family and they are here to support us and help guide us through this grueling process. Each and every member of the Pacific team really goes beyond my expectations as far as staying as late as you want to help you understand concepts to making themselves available through email and making sure that each student is keeping up with the material. I truly feel supported here by the staff and my classmates. The environment at Pacific is a wonderful one that fosters learning in such a way that I have never felt alone in this process and have enjoyed every minute!
After graduation I hope to… Stay in the Portland area so that I am able to give back and serve the community that helped raise me through childhood. I am still open to the field of medicine that I will eventually practice in, but I’m excited to find out what my interests are through the next phase of clinical rotations!

Jeffrey D. ‘15

US Veteran
San Francisco, CA
Pacific was the right choice for me because…. I originally wanted to stay close to home for PA school. I applied to Pacific because it seemed to have a very unique perspective on PA education. As I researched Pacific a little more I found more that I liked. The emphasis on hiring faculty with a public service background, very well established international rotations, the fact that all students travelled for rotations, the lack of a traditional grading system, their rural health track program (of which I am now a participant in) and their support of veterans recruitment and healthcare, all intrigued me. The efficiency and organization of the interview process along with the emphasis by faculty and former students that Pacific’s goal was to provide students with the support you needed to graduate, won me over.  As an older student and a veteran, I appreciated this commitment by faculty and staff to seeing each student through to graduation. I have found that everything that I had perceived initially to be true as I continue my journey at Pacific. PA school is an intense and rewarding process and I am proud to be a part of this school!
After graduation I hope to… pursue employment with agencies that serve my populations of interest including the VA, Indian Health Service, and/or as a civilian medical provider for the military.

Nell R. ‘15

Community Service Scholar
Hometown: Forest Grove, OR

Pacific was the right choice for me... for many reasons. I appreciate that they value diversity and cultivate community service among their students. Their commitment to producing caring, top-notch physician assistants shows from the beginning of the application process to beyond graduation. I am continually impressed with the quality and experience that each faculty member brings to the program. The focus on primary care ensures that we all will have the capacity to serve in an underserved area after graduation.
After graduation I hope to... continue to provide excellent, compassionate care to patients in the Pacific Northwest. I am keeping my options open as I prepare to enter the clinical rotation phase of the program. I am also very excited about becoming involved in short-term international medical missions in the future.  

Phoebe R. ‘15

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because...
it's a supportive environment full of inquisitive people. The atmosphere at Pacific encourages us to think outside of the box, question everything, and immerse yourself in the medicine. The genuine curiosity from other students strengthens my passion for becoming a PA and the supportive professors encourage me to work harder. Professors are available until all hours of the night to make sure we fully grasp the intricate concepts. PA school is hard -- but Pacific makes it a little easier with the well-structured curriculum and invested faculty.
After graduation I hope to... work locally in the Portland Metropolitan area. I have so many interests and am not sure which field I'll end up in! Pacific has also continued to foster my love of international health care and I plan to do medical missions throughout my career!

DJ F. ‘14

Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Pacific was the right choice for me because… I was drawn into the atmosphere and spirit that Pacific exhibited. Pacific made me feel at home and gave me confidence that I would have advocates behind me the whole way through my education. The faculty are at the core of this environment and are always willing to support students through every step of their learning. The faculty and staff are very accessible and willing to put in extra time to make sure every student gets their learning needs addressed during each clinical module.
The module curriculum is one of the other reasons Pacific was the best fit for me. I enjoyed learning medicine through the organ system approach, and felt it allowed for me to best learn the information in such a short time.
After graduation I hope to… Work in Emergency Medicine or Surgery. My wife and I also plan to start our family, pay off our student loans, and save up to buy our home.

Darla K. '13

Hometown:  Portland, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because … I felt at home at Pacific. The welcoming atmosphere coupled with the undeniable theme of teamwork and camaraderie make this program exceptional. PA school is hard. There is no way around that – but the staff and faculty bend over backwards to ensure that you succeed both academically and emotionally. This is a fantastic group of educators, and I know that these previous professors will continue to be my mentors for years to come. Also, having the opportunity to participate in an international rotation was something that you cannot get from every PA program. I will be going to Kenya during my clinical year and so excited for the opportunity to learn and practice medicine internationally.
After graduation I hope to … work in a collaborative practice where PA’s are used to their full benefit and continue to learn and utilize the skills I gained from Pacific University.

Zach M. '13

Hometown: Richland, Wash.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of the class size and the interactions you receive on a daily basis with the professors. They take a genuine interest in you not only as a student but as a future health provider.
After graduation I hope to … continue serving populations throughout the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on those with little or no access to healthcare.

Regan B. '13

Hometown: Spokane, Wash.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of the faculty, curriculum, and location. The faculty by far make this program what it is today. The thing that sticks out in my mind was the day I was studying at school on a Sunday afternoon, and all of a sudden Dr. Pedemonte sticks his head in the room and asks me if I had any questions! I asked why he was there and he just replied casually that he was just doing his Sunday rounds. They genuinely care about our success as PAs but also as people. Secondly, the module system is an outstanding way to learn. My mind works well when I'm able to focus on just one subject at a time. Lastly the location is superb. Being no more than 30 minutes from the heart of Portland and an hour from the Oregon Coast is sure hard to beat! Yes, it rains... a lot in the winter, but it makes for the most beautiful summer you've seen! As a husband and father of 2 girls now, Hillsboro has been a great place for my gals to spend this didactic year.
After graduation I hope to … find a job in or around Spokane where home is. The beauty of becoming a Physician Assistant is that I don't have to choose exactly what field I want to specialize in, ever. I'm going to pursue a practice that first and foremost I can provide for my family and start repaying my student loans. I think working in primary care right out of the get go will help me to refine a broad spectrum of skills that will help kick start my career.

Romilla B. '13

Hometown: Portland, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of its multidisciplinary approach and global awareness in the primary health care system. One of the most exciting things about the Pacific University PA program is that I can look forward to being with a very diverse range of individuals with varied experiences and backgrounds. I see myself as adding another rich facet to the class since I bring the experience and perspective borne form interacting with patients and hospital staff from urban and rural areas around the globe.
After graduation I hope to … I look forward to a life as a physician assistant with a determination to compassionately provide optimal medical care and building life-long friendships with patients and colleagues all over the world.

Bridget B. '13

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … they valued me as an individual, and that showed throughout every aspect of the application process. I was also very drawn to Pacific's integration of the "Whole Patient" concept into their curriculum, advocacy of student involvement in community healthcare projects, and the obvious value they place on choosing applicants based on a balance of academic accomplishments and personal character.
After graduation I hope to … return to sunny Arizona after graduation and resume work in the orthopedic trauma community where I formerly worked as a surgical technologist. I believe my education from Pacific will provide me with a strong primary care based foundation of knowledge that I can carry back with me into the surgical world, and I am confident the faculty will continue to act as resources and support throughout my career.

Joanna C. '13

Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … Pacific's PA program immediately gives off a welcoming and encouraging vibe. I wanted a program that was dedicated not just to keeping their academic standards high but one that also catered to the individual needs of the class. The faculty and program are not afraid of constantly re-evaluating the academics and the approach to teaching a class based on constructive student evaluations. They have changed teaching styles, lecture notes and module formats to best help each year's class. I also like Pacific because of the consistent reputation of producing successful PAs, the access to faculty, modern facilities, the chance for rotations all over the U.S., the emphasis on direct patient interaction, and by word of mouth from so many graduates who have graduated from the PA program.
After graduation I hope to … take a couple months off and travel internationally for a while. I would then like to start working in the trauma/ED field around the Portland area and work with Medical Teams International or another short term missions medical program that sends interdisciplinary teams out all over the world to help medically isolated communities.

Matt B. '13

Hometown: Beaverton, Ore.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of the faculty and staff and how much they invest in us as students. They are completely invested in our learning and understanding of the material, and it is apparent every day how much they care about us as students. My classmates are an important part of my success and enjoyment of the program. The support we provide each other is what helps all of us reach our final goal.
After graduation I hope to … 1) get a job and start paying the bills 2) travel 3) Figure out the best way to stay in contact with my classmates.

Kristina A. '13

Hometown: Thatcher, Ariz.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … the faculty are so invested, listen to your feedback, teach same ideals and beliefs as I believe, great school with great education, focus on underserved communities, international opportunities.
After graduation I hope to … I hope to be working either in an emergency room or general family practice in an under-served area with Spanish-speaking individuals. Later down the road with years of experience and skill, I would love to precept and/or teach at PA school in addition to my practicing medicine.

Anya D. '13

Hometown: Bismarck, N.D.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of the interview day, and that same laid-back and relaxed atmosphere has been present this whole first year of classes. The professors are brilliant and so friendly. Plus, Pacific is one of the very few PA programs in the country that has international rotation opportunities.
After graduation I hope to … be working either in a pediatric clinic, or with underserved populations in an urban health care setting

Aaron L. '13

Hometown: Redmond, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because … I had the opportunity of meeting and shadowing a few Pacific Alumni prior to applying and was extremely impressed with them. They were professional, caring, and highly respected. They also all had a common theme about the Pacific program. All of them said that the administration at Pacific truly cares about them and worked hard to help them be successful. They were exactly right and now I am seeing it firsthand. I am thankful for the opportunity to be here.
After graduation I hope to … I hope to serve in a small community somewhere, and be involved in the medical community, the schools and sports teams.

Justin M. '13

Hawaii Outreach Student
Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawai‘i
Pacific was the right choice for me because … my goal was to become a PA. My dream was to be a PA in Hawaii. When looking at programs during the application process, I was impressed with Pacific University’s commitment to increasing health care, not only to the underserved, but to the underserved in Hawaii specifically. With so many opportunities for rotations in Hawaii, I knew that Pacific’s program would be my best choice if I really wanted to practice back home.
Also, during the application process, the staff and faculty from Pacific University went out of their way to answer my questions and to provide any of the information I requested. If they were this nice to somebody just showing interest into their program, I could only imagine how well they would take care of their students. It’s been a blessing. I feel honored to be a part of my class and this program.
After graduation I hope to … practice in internal medicine in Hawaii.

Tristan S. '13

Hometown: Washoe Valley, Nev.
Awards/Scholarships: Nevada WICHE Scholar
Pacific was the right choice for me because … When I made the decision to become a Physician Assistant, I had established some goals and values for the type of practitioner I wanted to be. I wanted to find a program that incorporated a focus on patient-centered care that stemmed from the community and beyond international borders. Pacific’s PA program encompassed this, and I felt the module-based didactic curriculum, as well as the various clinical settings amongst different communities, would prepare me to be a competent and diversified Physician Assistant. I am fortunate to be educated by some of the most personable and readily available professors I have ever encountered, who are genuinely invested in helping you make the most of your education. Pacific’s PA Program has helped me to develop the expertise to communicate with patients effectively, apply current medical knowledge, and guide me to become a practitioner who makes an impact on the health and quality of his patient’s lives.
After graduation I hope to … work in primary care for a few years to enhance my basic skills and understanding of medicine. From there, I may pursue a surgical residency and spend some time working in the surgical realm of medicine as a PA. I have considered running my own surgical clinics in underserved areas in the future that will be for out-patient procedures. I will continue international healthcare work throughout my career as well. I know the opportunities for PAs are expanding at an exponential rate, and it is hard to say which ones that present themselves to me throughout my career will be the most appealing. One thing I can be certain about is that I will continue to be a dedicated Pacific alumnus who will always be available to foster education to future Pacific PA students.

Alyssa G. '13

Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by the faculty and current students. The open house and interview process demonstrated the program's commitment to educating students to become competent, dynamic PA professionals. I knew I could be successful and have the support I needed to get through such a rigorous program because of the faculty's dedication and passion for providing quality education. Now that I am in the program, the faculty has shown that they are flexible and always willing to make the curriculum and experience better for their students.
After graduation I hope to … work in women's health, pediatrics, emergency medicine, of family medicine. I am keeping my options open as I prepare myself for the clinical experience.

Megan M. '13

Hometown: Foxboro, Mass.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of the focus on community service and international opportunities, modular didactic structure, and incredible faculty support. Pacific truly "walks the walk" when it comes to reaching out to the underserved in the community. The faculty have a genuine passion for teaching, exemplify a high standard of excellent medical practice, and are devoted to helping each student succeed in our future careers.
After graduation I hope to … work in women's health and/or family medicine while continuing to find opportunities to use my education to help the underserved patients in my community and internationally.

Erica M. '12

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.
Pacific was the right choice for me because ... of the unique modular curriculum, the compassion of the faculty, the emphasis put on medicine as a service, and the beautiful facility and surrounding area of Portland and the Northwest.
After graduation I hope to … work in Family Medicine, and also do some Inpatient Hospitalist work. I also plan to work with the Hispanic population and/or work in community health, and use my Spanish daily.

Erin C. '12

Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska
Pacific was the right choice for me because … the staff/faculty are incredibly supportive and caring, I love that I get to travel, and I think the module curriculum is the most effective way to learn.
After graduation I hope to … I hope to possibly work in family medicine and be able to volunteer as a PA in clinics around the world.

Scott H. '12

Hometown: Grand Junction, Colo.
Pacific was the right choice for me because … to be honest, when starting the application process I was not picky. All I wanted was to get in somewhere. I interviewed with other programs and was just hoping for a shot at one of them. After I interviewed at Pacific I realized what a difference a school could make and Pacific quickly became my top choice. Pacific was the only program where the entire faculty was introduced to the applicants at the interview. The director of the program spent the day mingling with the applicants, asking and answering questions. Current students shared their enthusiasm for the program, the faculty, and the city of Portland. They were very transparent in how things were done and what was expected. The faculty demonstrates a genuine love for the profession and desire the success of each student. I would still choose Pacific if I had it to do all over.
After graduation I hope to … work in a primary care setting for a few years, and improve on the skills and increase the knowledge that has been taught throughout the program. Eventually I would like to work in a specialty, possibly surgery where my time would be split between clinic and the O.R.

Jonathan C. '12

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of two reasons. First, I liked the system-by-system approach to knowledge presentation, which allows me to connect individual pieces of knowledge into a well-structured whole earlier in the game. Had I tried to learn pharmacology, for example, in a vacuum, I doubt I would have the retention that I do today. Second, the structural avoidance of competition between students was fantastic. The whole program is built so that students benefit from helping each other learn, and no one ever risks their own grade or standing by helping another student meet the very aggressive program requirements. With the incredible amount of knowledge we have been expected to learn, being able to work together as one big team has been very helpful in working through the stress.
After graduation I hope to … work in primary care or emergency medicine, while resuming my overseas short-term medical missions efforts at a higher level of proficiency.

Miriam D. '12

Hometown: Portland, OR
Pacific was the right choice for me because … of the feeling that I got during the interview. The faculty and staff were very friendly and open to answering all of my questions. The students seemed happy and excited to be a part of the program. I got the sense that this was a place open to collaborative work as well as to other points of view regarding medicine and patient care. In addition, Pacific's commitment to serving the community and underserved populations resonated strongly with my personal mission.
After graduation I hope to … establish a practice in an integrative medicine clinic after graduation. As a Chinese Medical Practitioner prior to PA school, I would like to incorporate both Eastern and Western medicine into my practice in order to provide patients with informed choices about how to handle their health needs.

Felipson Ramos '09 — Oregon

Community Service Scholar and Reapplicant
The factors I considered included the program’s reputation producing successful PAs, the faculty, the investment put onto the program (new facilities, advanced technological equipment), location, and the mission of the program. In addition to the above, the Pacific University PA Support Workshop has been a big deciding factor in my choice to pursue my education with Pacific University.

Winslow Lewis '09 — Colorado

Community Service Scholar
The Pacific PA program appealed to me for several reasons, but the two primary motivations for selecting Pacific was the emphasis on underserved/ rural populations and the amazing opportunities for rotations all over the world. It is a goal of mine to be a part of a rural community’s medical team.

Along with being a clinician, I would like to be involved in the education of EMS providers and aspiring young adults looking to get into medicine. Traveling to give medical care to those who have little to no recourses has interested me since I decided medicine was the career that I wanted to pursue. The accent on underserved medicine in Pacific’s program felt like the perfect fit.

Kyle Ohisa '09 — Hawai‘i

Hawaii Outreach Initiative Candidate

Born and raised in Hawai‘i, there is a vast amount of diversity, and I do believe that change is an ever present force. I greatly appreciated the fact that Pacific University promotes and nurtures diversity on the basis that we all can learn from each other because of our diversity. In this way, the PA Program holds a global perspective on healthcare, but focuses and emphasizes on the local community.

My Ly '09 — Michigan

My educational background is in sociology, related to ethnic groups and healthcare in geriatric populations. I am privileged to have had a valuable work experience at the University of Michigan Medical Center, Trauma-Burn Unit. In both the trauma and burn populations, I have gained experience in emergency code situations, medical terminology and medical procedures, and have had experience with direct patient care, with all ages, pediatrics to geriatrics. In my healthcare experiences, I have found that my services both great and small have never gone unnoticed or unappreciated. My hope is to continue serving patients on a more advanced level, particularly, helping those who are less privileged and underserved.

Audrea Williams '09 — Texas

Working in the medical field, I've witnessed a consistent lack of personal involvement and education regarding healthcare and treatment among patients. I want to be a contributor in promoting and inspiring wellness and personal medical responsibility. I feel that the Pacific University Physician Assistant Studies program and I share the same vision and goal; I knew I could receive the tools necessary to be an effective and competent PA.

Curtis Cole '09 — Oregon

US Veteran
I had a lot of interaction with PAs during my time spent in the military, because of my Combat Field Medic training I had the opportunity to participate in humanitarian aid missions while stationed in Central America. I was able to assist the medical teams (which always included at least one PA) as they administered both medical and dental care to the native people of those countries. The PAs I encountered throughout my years in the military were “take charge” individuals, which valued and worked well within their respective teams. These interactions played a key role in my decision to become a PA.

I had heard that Pacific was building a new state of the art medical facility, and I knew the school had a great reputation for all of its health care programs. After visiting the campus and talking with the faculty and support staff, Pacific was the obvious choice for me.