Housing Lottery | 2021

The Housing Lottery is an optional process for current students enrolled in Spring 2021 undergraduate classes at Pacific to select housing, roommates and meal plans for the 2021-22 academic year. The Housing Lottery process occurs entirely online.

Information will be e-mailed to residential students beginning in March. E-mails will also be sent to all undergraduate students currently living off campus that have not met the residency requirement yet. All other current undergraduate students interested in on-campus housing should inquire with the Department of Housing beginning March 12.

The Housing Lottery gives returning students an opportunity to select their room and roommate first. There is no entrance fee required but after a room is selected, cancellation fees apply. The amount is dependent on the date canceled.

Eligible students, who choose not to participate by published deadlines and then seek housing later or are required to live on-campus, will participate in the new student housing application process over the summer. Cancellation fees apply for this process as well.

Housing staff are available during Virtual Office Hours to assist students with questions and support them in with this process.

Lottery Expectations Office Hours 

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Cancellation Fees After Housing Lottery Room Selected

Important Reminders 

  • Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is an option during the Housing Lottery. If you are interested in selecting a GIH double room in Burlingham, Cascade, Gilbert, McCormick or Walter, contact the Housing Office prior to the Housing Lottery application deadline (Thursday, April 1, 2021, at 4 p.m.).
  • Be sure to review the residence halls age eligibility.
  • Any current students enrolled in Spring 2021 who choose not to participate in the Housing Lottery process and then desires housing, will participate in a different housing assignment process. Contact Housing for details.