How to Apply for Housing

The Department of Housing and the Department of Residence Life are excited to welcome you to the Pacific University community. As housing and residence life professionals we strive to provide a thriving residential community, which will enable your success here at Pacific.

New/Re-Admitted Students Instructions for Applying for Housing: 2017-18


Newly deposited undergraduate students to Pacific will receive an email from the Housing Office in early May for Fall Semester and November for Winter Term and Spring Semester. The email will include information on how to submit the Housing Application for the 2017-18 academic year.

Be sure to check out all the information available at the links below.

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How to Apply for 2017-18 Housing

STEP 1: Set-up PUNet ID and Password

To start the process of applying for housing you will need an active  Pacific University account (PUNet ID). Your PUNet ID and password are needed to access your housing application through Residence the Housing software.

For assistance with activating your account contact the University Information Services at 503-352-1500.

STEP 2: Submit Online Housing Application (NOTE: This feature is not activated until early May)

*Deposited undergraduate students for the Fall semester will receive an email from the Housing Office in early May with information on how to submit the Housing Application.

*Deposited undergraduate students for the Winter or Spring semester will automatically be contacted via email by the Housing Office, including Pacific students that are studying abroad. Housing applications will be released beginning in early November.

  • After receiving the informational email from the Housing Office login to Residence using your PUNet ID and password to submit your housing application.
  • Information collected is used by the Housing Office to determine your housing assignments and roommate(s).
  • New students who are applying for housing for Fall semester are strongly encouraged to submit the housing application by May 19.
  • Applications are continually processed after May 19 as new students are admitted and submit their enrollment deposit to the University Admission Office.
  • New students interested in a waiver of the University's residency requirement may request the form through the housing application.

Please note:  We believe finding you the best roommate match is more important than placing you in a particular residence hall or room type. Therefore we do not ask for residence hall or room type preferences from you. We do offer room change opportunities during the academic year for those students that desire a different living environment.

*The housing email is automatically sent to undergraduate students that are twenty-four years old and younger. If you are older than twenty-four and want a housing application, please Housing directly to request one.

STEP 3: Request Roommate (Optional) - Fall Semester Only

All students in this room assignment process, who have submitted their housing application by May 19, will have an opportunity to request a roommate from the pool of other students in this process. An email from the Housing Office will be sent to students' Pacific email with further instructions when the roommate selection process is about to begin. Please note: there are two roommate selection processes and you should participate only when alerted by the Housing Office and you may only select one roommate during this process.

  1. Students who selected Gender Inclusive Housing on their application will select their roommate from May 23 - May 30.
  2. Students who selected any of the other housing options will select their roommate from June 1 - June 13.


  • Students who choose not to participate in this process or who submitted their housing application after May 19, may be assigned a roommate through an automated process.
  • The Housing Staff strives to do their best to honor roommate requests, however when room inventory is low we may need to break up roommate groups to be able to make a room assignment. 

To select a roommate please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Residence
  2. Click Roommate Tab
  3. Select "2017-18” Term
  4. Click on: “Search Resident Profiles” or “Find Someone You Know”.

            a. Click on Search Resident Profiles. You will be able to search for a roommate by using filters for things such as sleep habits, room cleanliness, age, etc. Once you find the profile number of someone you are interested in living with click "Send Invitation." A message will be sent to their Residence account. They will need to check their Residence account messages, which are located in the upper right corner of their homepage. When the message is opened they will be able to accept, decline, or reply to the invitation.

            b. Click on Find Someone You Know. You will be able to select someone you know as a roommate if they also have an approved housing application and have shared their roommate code with you. The roommate code is found at the upper right hand corner of each Residence homepage. You will need to enter the roommate code of the person you are interested in living with and click "Send Invitation." A message is sent to their Residence account. They will need to check their Residence account for the message. The message icon (looks like an envelope) is located in the upper right corner of the Residence account homepage. When the message is opened they will be able to accept, decline, or reply to the invitation.


  • Be sure to send only ONE invitation when you are reviewing profiles of potential roommates. The system will technically allow you to send multiple invitations at once but we can only approve one roommate. It is best to send one and wait for a response before possibly sending another one.

  • All communication between potential roommate matches is anonymous until a student chooses to share their information.

  • Be sure to check your messages daily in your Residence account to monitor roommate requests.

  • If you checked the box on the housing application that you were willing to pay the higher rate for a unit such as a single, single suite, or apartment, you may not want to participate in the roommate process to increase your chances of being placed in one of these room types.

  • To secure the roommate pairing, make sure your roommate accepts the invitation by the deadline. The deadline can be found in the instruction email that was sent to you from the Housing Office.

  • You will be able to login to your Residence account and view your roommate information during Step 4 (see below).

STEP 4: Check your Pacific University email

  • Housing beginning Fall semester: Notification is emailed by mid-July with check-in information and login link to Residence account to view room assignment and roommate(s).
  • Housing beginning Winter Term: Notification is emailed in mid-December with check-in information and login link to Residence account to view room assignment and roommate(s).
  • Housing beginning Spring semester: Notifcation is emailed in mid-January with check-in information and login link to Residence account to view room assignment and roommate(s).