Shaun Keylock '15 Explores "Movement Ideas" For Forthcoming Dance Project

These are heady days for Shaun Keylock ’15, whose dance company has been commissioned by the dance advocacy group White Bird to create a full-length work to be performed in Portland. He credits Pacific University with supporting his creative instincts when he was a student.

He was “really involved” with the Pacific dance program and also with the art history program as a student and “was in love with what I was doing,” he said’  

“If you have a really strong interest in a certain career path or a certain artistic thing you want to do, Pacific will support that,” he said. “They really will allow you to explore that to its fullest extent.”

For now, he’s focused on the White Bird project, as he and his dancers develop their “movement ideas” enroute to a final production.

“I think this is a really exciting opportunity for us to be seen on this … global platform,” he said. “From there, it’s really sort of endless possibilities.”

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Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019