Pacific University String Project

The Pacific University String Project is a partnership between college students’ learning how to teach and school-aged students learning how to play string instruments. Through this partnership, the preparation of string teachers is improved while the number of young string players is increased, both positively affecting the quality of available educational opportunities in the community.

The Pacific University String Project is the only Oregon member of the National String Project Consortium.

Our Mission Statement

The Pacific University String Project is dedicated to:

  • Improving the quality of string teachers’ preparation through integrated learning.
  • Providing quality and affordable string education to school-age students of all socio-economic and racial backgrounds.
  • Enhancing the quality of life in the community.

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For Our Students

Students in 2nd through 12th grade learn how to play string instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, and double bass, from our teachers-in-preparation and our master teacher. Students receive instruction in small and large group classes, orchestras, and/or in semi-individual and individual lessons. Each meeting for two 50-minute classes each week for 12 weeks will enable students to progress from beginning to intermediate and advanced levels of playing. Each semester, students perform in two public performances.

We offer numerous ways for our students to grow as musicians such as:

  • Group Classes
  • Four Levels of Orchestra
  • Private Lessons
  • Chamber Ensembles
  • Music Theory
  • Adult Class

For Our Teachers

The teachers in String Project are college students who are interested in learning how to teach stringed instruments to younger students. Student-teachers in the String Project take pedagogy classes and meet regularly with master teachers, who supervises and advises their weekly classes. They are actively involved in recruitment and communication with parents, and they help plan public performances each semester.

Students are paid for their preparation and teaching time, and they develop experience and expertise in teaching music in learning environments that mimic public school string classes. The String Project at Pacific University is open to ALL students who are playing in the Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra regardless of major/minor.


Online Summer Camp 2020

Pacific University String Project will be offering two camps in July 2020. These two camps are for beginning and intermediate students and will be held for 2 hours in the morning every day. The camps are led by Dr. Dijana Ihas and String Project teachers. 

Dates: July 6th-July 10th

Fee: $50.00

Registration: The deadline for online registration/payment is Monday, June 8th

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Classes Offered: 

Twinkle to Long, Long Ago Camp: Learn how to play pieces from Twinkle to Long, Long Ago in Suzuki Book 1 with good techniques and musical expression! In this camp, string beginners who are in the process of learning the first five pieces of Suzuki Book 1 will have an opportunity to expand their repertoire and they will start learning to read music. Students will have an opportunity to perform in a virtual performance at the end of the camp.

  • 9-10am: Learning new songs and practicing old songs
  • 10-11am: Scales and music reading

Rock Your Techniques with Twinkles Camp: Learn advanced playing techniques that will help you to become a more advanced player through fun exercises based on Twinkles! In this camp, students who are in the process of learning pieces in Suzuki Book 1 that are after Perpetual Motion all the way to Suzuki Book 3 will have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills related to playing techniques through fun rote exercises that students will be able to practice throughout the summer with great joy. Students will also have an opportunity to play their pieces in a masterclass in order to receive valuable feedback as well as they will have an opportunity to perform in a virtual performance at the end of the camp.

  • 10-11am: Fun with techniques
  • 11am-12pm: Masterclass


Contact Us

Dijana Ihas, PhD | Program Director/Master Teacher
503-352-2102 |

Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center | Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116


A surge in students pursuing music degrees at Pacific University over the past decade is expected to continue this fall.

The project, funded by a Faith Gabelnick grant, concluded with a joint concert on April 24.