Supervising Student Workers

Student workers are a valuable part of the university community.

Our students provide needed human resources to help the university operate effectively. In turn, their employment at the university gives them an opportunity to support themselves while putting their studies first.

Posting a Job

The Career Development Center offers access to HandShake, a platform that provides job search resources and tips for students. On-campus offices are invited to post their student worker jobs on HandShake to find student workers. These can be positions paid through federal work study or through department funds.

At the beginning of each semester, the Career Development Center also hosts the Work & Service Fair on the Forest Grove Campus. On- and off-campus employers and organizations are invited to set up booths and connect with students about jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Hiring Students

In Fall 2016, the student hiring process changed. All students in a university position must complete a Employment Authorization Form. Please follow the steps below to begin a student's employment:

  • Obtain a Employment Authorization Form. Students eligible for federal work study will receive a Employment Authorization Form from the Career Development Center. Student workers without federal work study are to use the Non-Work Study Employment Authorization Form, which are available in carbon copy format at Human Resources.
  • The student completes Section 1 and 2 of the appropriate form, including signing and dating the document. Students who receive and accept an employment offer then provide the appropriate Employment Authorization Form to their hiring supervisor.
  • The supervisor completes Section 3 of the form, filling in job details and getting the budget authority to sign off on the hire. The Job ID Code is is specific to the hiring supervisor, and is the first three letters of the supervisor’s department name, followed by the first initial of the supervisor’s last name, followed by the first initial of the supervisor’s first name. Example: John Smith in Human Resources is the supervisor for a position. The Job ID Code to be listed is H-U-M-S-J-N-W-S (Human Resources, Smith, John, N-W-S is already filled in).
  • The student turns the completed form in to the appropriate office:
    • Federal Work Study — Career Development Center
    • Non-Work Study — Human Resources
  • The supervisor provides a copy of the Non-Work Study position description he or she is hiring for to Human Resources.
  • Student who have never worked for the university before must also complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and W-4 for payroll processing. Students who have previously worked for the university will not need to complete these forms.
  • Paperwork will be processed collaboratively by the Career Development Center and Human Resources. For students who need to complete the I-9, the processing time can take up to five business days.
  • The supervisor will receive an email approving the student for work and providing timecard information for the student. Students cannot begin work until they have received a timecard workbook from the supervisor. 

Paying Students

Students must complete a timecard provided by their supervisors, tracking their hours every time they work. The timecard workbook is currently an Excel spreadsheet customized by Human Resources and provided to supervisors for each student.

Student paychecks are available at the Student Life Front Desk (Clark Hall). Those not picked up within a few days of the paydate are mailed to the students' permanent address. Students may also arrange for direct deposit into their bank accounts.