CAS | Governance and Policies

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a variety of resources for faculty members to assist in their day-to-day work.

Faculty and Committee Members

Advisory Council Members 2015-16 | CAS (pdf)
Committee Memberships 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)
Directors and Department Chairs 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)
Faculty Roster by Dept 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)
Quick Find List 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)

Faculty Meeting Dates & Agendas

Early Fall Important Dates 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)
Faculty Meeting Schedule 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)
Thursday Meeting Dates 2017-18 | CAS (pdf)

CAS Faculty Meeting Minutes & Agendas (password required)

Acceptable Class Times (pdf)
CAS Administrative Structure and Policy 2010 | CAS (pdf)
CAS Administrative Structure and Policy 2016-Draft (pdf)
Faculty Governance Structure | CAS (pdf)
University Handbook

Mentoring Program for New Faculty Members (pdf)
Roberts Rules Presentation (pdf),  Cheat Sheet (pdf) and University Resources.

Additional Forms Available

Business Office
Campus Public Safety
Human Resources
Registrar's Office