Audiology Professional Licensure General Disclosure

34 CFR § 668.43(a)(5)(v) and (c)

Pacific University provides this General Disclosure to students prior to enrollment or financial commitment. Successful completion of the Audiology (Au.D.) program has been compared to the educational requirements for licensure or certification required for employment in each State and US Territory. If the program does not meet, or we are unable to determine that the education program meets the educational requirements, we have provided contact information to the licensing board for that State or Territory.

Students are advised to determine, prior to enrollment, whether the program meets licensure requirements in the State or Territory in which the Student is located.

Pacific University considers the U.S. State or Territory address included on the enrollment application as the student’s primary address. For student applicants who are members of any branch of the US Military, their assigned base or base of deployment is considered their legal residence.

Students must provide formal notification to Pacific University when the student’s legal residence has changed to another State or Territory and when the new State or Territory is listed on the table below and is noted as Does Not Meet or Unable to Determine.



Does Not Meet

Unable to Determine

All 50 States (alternatively list all States that Meet, separately list each State that Does Not Meet or you are Unable to Determine)




District of Columbia (DC)




American Samoa (AS)



Human and Social Services, Department of

(684) 633-1664 / 633-7506

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (PR)




Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (MP)

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)


Guam (GU)



Must have CCC-A

Republic of Palau (PW)

Republic of the Marshall Islands (ISO)

US Virgin Islands (VI)

Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs

St. Croix Phone: 340-713-3522

St. John Phone: 340-693-8036

St. Thomas Phone: 340-714-3522


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