Nonprofit Leadership Admissions

The Master of Nonprofit Leadership program uses a rolling admissions system. Students may apply at any time. Admitted full-time students will begin classes with their cohort in January. Admitted part-time students may begin classes at the beginning of the next term following admission.

Admission Prerequisites

We are seeking applicants who have a passion for mission-based organizations in the nonprofit sector. Pacific University MNL applicants seek individual professional growth to make a significant contribution to a nonprofit organization, and to contribute to the growth of the nonprofit profession. MNL applicants can be seasoned professionals with much to share and new faces with much to learn. MNL applicants are open to new ideas, can embrace best practices, and support a mutually beneficial learning environment.

  • Students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. 
  • A grade point average of 3.0 or above.
  • Internship or practicum coursework in nonprofit, civic or social impact profession at the undergraduate or graduate level; or work (paid or volunteer) experience in nonprofit, civic, or social impact professions.  
  • No state or national exams are required.

Application Process

  • Submit the standard application form for Pacific University’s graduate program.
  • Please submit a 350-500 word paper that responds to “why are you interested in the Master of Nonprofit Leadership at Pacific University?” Consider these prompts to help you present your thoughts. You are not required to answer any of the prompts, they are listed as a guide only. What do you expect to gain from the MNL? How will the MNL help you achieve your professional goals? If you are currently working for a nonprofit, how will you use your MNL learning to improve your organization? What part of the MNL will you find most beneficial?
  • Please submit a current resume or curriculum vitae with professional experience (paid and volunteer), accomplishments/awards, and educational background. 
  • Arrange to have your official transcripts forwarded from your undergraduate degree.
  • Provide two current letters of recommendation from professional contacts that can attest to your ability to succeed in a graduate program.

Application Deadlines

  • You may submit applications at any time.
  • Full-time cohort is open until Oct. 31. The full-time 13-month cohort begins in January.
  • Part-time students can submit applications for starting the next semester/term.
  • Applicants will receive acknowledgement that their applications have been received and acceptance/non-acceptance into the program within four weeks of submission.


  • A $100 deposit is required to hold your space in the Master of Nonprofit Leadership program following admission.

Guaranteed Grad School Admission

Guaranteed Grad School Admission

Pacific University undergraduate students can save a seat in the MNL program through the Pacific Priority guaranteed grad school admission program. Apply as soon as you deposit to become a Pacific undergraduate student or during your undergraduate years. Learn how.


Contact Us

Amy Tracewell, MNL | Director
Justin McRobert | Admissions Counselor, Nonprofit Leadership Program