Master of Nonprofit Leadership Student Learning Outcomes

Receiving the Master of Nonprofit Leadership (MNL) from Pacific University prepares you to successfully build the capacity of nonprofit organizations as a follower, team member, and leader. The MNPL is designed for the working professional seeking advancement in the nonprofit profession, career changers and recent graduates interested in entering the nonprofit profession.

Leadership Development

  • Increase understanding and application of leadership theories and practices to self and with others specific to the nonprofit profession.
  • Develop and practice leadership, followership, and team skills in the context of a nonprofit organization and its community.

Foundations of Nonprofits in the Community and Society

  • Integrate the changing roles of the nonprofit within the community it serves and its responsibilities to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging.
  • Establish connections with the nonprofit sector’s evolution and future for mission-based organizations.
  • Create programs and services that are relevant to the mission and community served.

Financial Sustainability

  • Apply best nonprofit fiscal practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Achieve financial sustainability through integration of sound fiscal practices, fund raising, and earned income.

Leadership in Action

  • Advance the organization’s capacity through a positive and supportive culture.
  • Champion strategic processes that lead to focus, priorities, and mission attainment.
  • Build the capacity of people to achieve, prosper, and fulfill their goals.
  • Integrate leadership among staff, volunteers, board, and community members.
  • Build collaborations and partnerships that result in greater impact.

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