Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) for Canadian Students

Why Should Canadian Students Earn their PharmD in the U.S. at Pacific University?

As a Canadian student earning your PharmD at Pacific University you can enjoy all the benefits of a degree from a U.S. pharmacy school while also being prepared to practice pharmacy in Canada. Pacific University’s PharmD program is academically rigorous but has a higher acceptance rate than other PharmD programs in Canada. Also, given Pacific University's location in Oregon — where pharmacists have provider status — you will be prepared to practice at the top of your pharmacy licensure.

Pacific's innovative, progressive and student-centered training and PharmD curriculum combines clinical and scientific concepts with clinical reasoning resulting in optimized direct patient care. Small class sizes provide focused attention and an ability to get to know your faculty and student colleagues on a deeper level. We value connection and provide many opportunities for our students to interact and build close relationships with our faculty, staff, community partners, and peers. 

In addition to the three-year accelerated PharmD, you can also choose to complete dual degrees — such as a PharmD and MBA, or a PharmD and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences — in just four years.

Graduate with a U.S. Degree and be Prepared to Practice in Either the U.S. or Canada

PharmD students from Canada at Pacific University can choose to complete two six-week long elective APPE rotations (advanced pharmacy practice experiences) in Canada. The program also provides the flexibility, depending on your preference, to complete the remaining rotations in locations throughout the U.S. Upon completion and graduation from the Pacific University PharmD program, you will have the opportunity to either:

  • Return to Canada and get certified and registered with the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada (PEBC) and get licensed as a practicing pharmacist in Canada. This is done via a two-step process. The Pacific University School of Pharmacy uses objective structured clinical examinations (OSCES) in assessments throughout PharmD curriculum, which will prepare you for this type of clinical assessment/examination.
  • Stay in the U.S. and get registered with the National Board of Pharmacy (NABP) by taking the MPJE and the NAPLEX examinations to obtain pharmacy licensure. As a PharmD graduate and licensed pharmacist in the U.S. you will be eligible for post-graduate residencies and fellowships if you wish to pursue post-graduate education and get additional clinical and/or research training and specialization.

Pacific University is Home to Many Canadian Students Studying in the U.S.

The College of Optometry has a long history of welcoming Canadian students studying in the U.S. at Pacific University. Currently Canadian students comprise about 20% of the student population in the College of Optometry. As a PharmD student from Canada, you can connect with these fellow Canadian optometry students to build community and find support while studying in the U.S. at Pacific University.

Dedicated Support for Canadian Students at Pacific University

Once you have been admitted and have made a deposit for Pacific University School of Pharmacy’s PharmD program, the PharmD admissions counselor will connect you with Katelyn Eisenhooth, our international student advisor, via email. You will work with her to create your I-20 form, which is necessary for you to enter the U.S. as a degree-seeking international student from Canada.

For an I-20 form to be created, we will need proof of funding for one year along with a copy of your passport bio page. Upon receiving both of these documents, our advisor will then create the document necessary for you to establish F-1 status in the U.S. and will email it to you for you to print and sign which completes the I-20 creation process.

You can enter up to 30 days before the first day of classes, and the I-20 will list what that date is on page one.

Financial Aid for Canadian Students

Most of the Canadian students studying in the U.S. at Pacific University utilize Canadian student loan funding, in addition to personal funds/personal loans. As an additional source of financial aid, you can choose to do the PHRM766 elective during your second year (0.5 credits for a total of two terms) and work off-campus in an internship provided you work fewer than 20 hours per week.