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Dean & Professor

Dean Karimi's interest areas include assessment and educational research and outcomes; pharmacy practice, proteases biochemistry, and the role of antibiotics on bacterial protein synthetic machinery.

The Dean is the chief administrative and academic officer of the School of Pharmacy and provides leadership to support conducive teaching, learning, and research endeavors at the School and assists faculty, staff, and students in achieving their professional and academic goals.

Photo of Dr. Alavi
Research Fellow & Graduate Instructor

My research activity has mainly been focused on assisting with studies investigating the effects of alcohol and stress on brain and behavior. My interest in neuro-psychology and pharmacology led me to join the lab group of Dr. Leslie Devaud here at the School of Pharmacy when I was a second-year pharmacy student. I am also interested in studying potential gaps in adherence to discharge medications among hospital patients in order to improve patient health outcomes.

Assistant Professor

Professor Arendt's entire professional career has been in pharmaceutical care delivery in acute care setting and pharmacy administration/management. His research interests involve leadership and personnel management.

Photo of Natalie Arndt
PGY2 Ambulatory Care and Academia Resident & Graduate Instructor of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Arndt practices ambulatory care at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. As a part of this clinical service, pharmacists operate under collaborative practice agreements that give prescriptive authority over common chronic disease states. This allows pharmacists to educate and make interventions to help patients understand and manage their medications and overall health.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Backus maintains a small practice with Providence ElderPlace, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. She spends most of her time on pharmacotherapy for older adults who live independently in or near Hillsboro, often meeting with patients in their homes to assist them with managing their pharmacotherapy regimen.

Senior Manager of Administrative Operations

The Executive Assistant to the Dean provides daily administrative support to the Dean in the development and implementation of policies, organizational development, project management, financial analysis, and budget compliance.  Other responsibilities include supporting the Dean in public relations and community outreach.

Photo of John Begert
Assistant Professor

Area of practice is within care of underserved and minority populations within a primary care setting. Focus is on chronic disease state management with a primary emphasis on diabetes. Areas of research revolve around quality of care and outcome improvement for these patient populations. 

Coordinator for Experiential Education

The Coordinator for Experiential Education reports to the Assistant Dean for Experiential Education. Responsibilities include operations scheduling, management of the experiential database (E*Value), and the creation and release of student schedules for Advanced and Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE & IPPE).

Associate Professor

Interest area is providing outpatient psychiatric pharmacy services to underserved populations. Currently practices as a psychiatric pharmacist at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in Hillsboro, Oregon. Dr. Bradley enjoys precepting both pharmacy students and residents completing mental health rotations at Virginia Garcia.

Photo of Amber Buhler

My basic science specialty is in the study of action of the drugs in neuropsychiatric disorders and chronic pain. My current scholarship focus is in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), which focuses on identifying the best teaching methods to help students learn and succeed.

Photo of Andrew Bzowyckyj
Associate Professor

Dr. Bzowyckyj's research and clinical interest areas include diabetes, cardiovascular risk reduction, motivational interviewing, integrating clinical pharmacists within primary care practices, leadership development, the economics of healthcare, and working with underserved patient populations.

Assistant Professor

The long term goal of our research is to understand how Leishmania, a pathogenic protozoan parasite, adapts to changes its host environment to acquire essential nutrients for its growth and viability, and survive environmental stress. Our current research is focused on characterizing the parasite machinery used to capture purines (essential nutrients) from the host environment and in identifying pathways and cell components critical for the survival of the parasite when nutrients are limiting.

Assistant Dean for Experiential Education & Assistant Professor

My professional interest areas include preceptor development, emotional intelligence, resilience, motivation, and obesity. I practiced at Albertsons Pharmacy until 2015 as a Pharmacy Manager, Market Recruiter and Summer Intern Coordinator. As the Assistant Dean for Experiential Education (ADEE) I am responsible for the oversight of experiential education at the School, including site placements, preceptor development, and management of student issues and preceptor concerns.


My research focus is on identifying and understanding sex differences in brain and behaviors caused by alcohol. We also study interactions between stress and responses to alcohol in several animal models.

Photo of Ian Doyle
Associate Dean for Pharmacy Practice

My professional interests include nephrology, immunology, and kidney transplantation. I maintained a collaborative practice at Legacy Good Samaritan Transplant Service in Portland until 2015, at which time I began serving as Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Practice. Research, which had included optimizing drug dosing of immunosuppressants and the medication adherence of transplant patients, has now transitioned to legal and regulatory affairs issues affecting pharmacy.

Photo of Fawzy Elbarabry
Director of Office for Student Success & Professor

My research interests revolve around two main projects related to drug metabolism:

  • Studying the Effect of Herbal Remedies on Drug Metabolizing Enzymes
  • Studying the Effect of Herbal Remedies on Arachidonic Acid Metabolism as a Target for Hypertension Treatment

Our research in the last 5 years has discovered several small and natural molecules (e.g. sulforaphane from broccoli) that inhibit the endogenous metabolism of arachidonic acid and reduces blood pressure in hypertension animal models. Additionally, we investigated the potential effect of these molecules on drug metabolizing enzymes to predict possible herb-drug interactions.

Assistant Professor

My research interest is in the discovery and development of novel inhibitors of targets related to pain and addiction. Particularly I have focused on studying small venom-derived peptides, known as conotoxins, which have a level of selectivity for a variety of ion channels. Many of these ion channels appear to play a role in pain pathways, making them attractive targets for the relief of severe or intractable pain. My goal is to harness the properties of these peptides to one day produce analgesics for severe forms of pain that are non-addictive.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Faro specializes in Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology, Palliative Care, Parenteral Nutrition Support, Acute Care Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacogenetics, continuing professional development (CPD) and interprofessional education.

Photo of Melanie Foeppel
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Melanie P. Foeppel is director of post-graduate training in the School of Pharmacy.

Photo of Jeff Fortner
Associate Professor

Dr. Fortner's practice and research interests include pharmaceutical compounding, patient-centered care in the community setting, and pharmacist provided clinical services. He maintains a practice site at an independent community pharmacy which also specializes in non-sterile compounding and long-term care medication preparation.

Assistant Professor & Fellowship Program Coordinator

Dr. Fry practices pharmacy as an ambulatory care pharmacist with Mountain View Medical Center, which is a small family medicine clinic in Forest Grove and Hillsboro, OR. She sees patients in clinic for many chronic disease states including blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gibbard has practiced pharmacy primarily in the hospital setting with some moonlighting in the retail setting. His teaching responsibilities relate primarily to acute cardiovascular disease and the intersection of social sciences and humanities to patient-centered care. His research interests are typically related to the "soft skills" of pharmacy, including empathy, cultural sensitivity, and health literacy.

Photo of John Harrelson

My overall focus is to contribute to scientific discovery and the effective use of medicines through collaborative science, teaching, mentoring, and active membership in the research community. We strive to discover mechanistic details that contribute to variability in drug response to identify new therapeutic targets for drug discovery, and to utilize current medications more effectively. Major areas of active research include drug metabolism, nicotine addiction, drug-drug/drug-herb interactions, bioanalytical methods (LC-MS/MS), inhibitor design, mechanistic enzymology, pharmacogenomics, in vitro-in vivo extrapolation, structure-toxicity relationships, and the modulation of letrozole metabolism (letrozole is a breast cancer drug).

Senior Administrative Assistant

Manages school sponsored events and work study programs, budgets, & communications. Provides widely varying administrative support to all students, faculty and administration including office operations, admissions, student support and the Assistant Deans.

Photo of Huy Hoang
Coordinator for Experiential Advancement & Assistant Professor

Dr. Hoang's focus is community pharmacy practice, and he is currently a float pharmacist for CVS/Target. He currently serves on the HealthNet P&T Committee, and is a former CVS/Target Pharmacy Manager in the heart of downtown Portland. He has served as part of the Clark College Pharmacy Technician Advisory Committee.  He has worked on various healthcare projects for Horizon Continuing Medical Education (CME) Pharmacy.

Photo of Fallon Hughes
Coordinator for Experiential Compliance

I assist students in making sure all their paperwork is ready to submit to sites for their experiential education. I make sure that all student hours have been recorded correctly so students can receive full credit for their time. I help Coordinator for Experiential Education Melanie Belles with scheduling rotations as needed.

Coordinator for Program Operations

The Coordinator for Program Operations supports the Office of Academics and Assessment, Office of Student Affairs, and Office of Experiential Education in a variety of student success and development initiatives, program assessment, and operations. This role includes responsibility for student organizations, career readiness, and records retention.

Photo of Pauline Low
Assistant Dean for Academics and Assessment & Associate Professor

I currently practice in ambulatory care at Mountain View Medical Center in Forest Grove, OR. My particular area of interests are in motivational patient-care joint decision making, care of older adults, and interprofessional healthcare.

The Assistant Dean of Academics and Assessment (ADAA) is the academic administrator who oversees curricular and programmatic assessment initiatives within the School, while providing leadership and support in instructional design, teaching development, assessment of student learning, accreditation, interprofessional education, and mentorship to assist faculty, post-graduate learners, staff, and pharmacy students in fulfilling the School’s mission.

Photo of Chanelle Maldonado
Academia and Ambulatory Care Fellow

Dr. Maldonado's current practice interests include ambulatory care, oncology, and psychiatric pharmacy.

Photo of Kris Marcus
Associate Professor

My primary research focus is connected through my interests in post-graduate training, experiential education, and preceptor development. I additionally have some projects focused in teaching methods and pharmacy school program assessment. Current projects include: a survey of grading systems in US Schools of Pharmacy including a focus on Pass/Fail/competency based programs; trends and factors impacting pharmacy residency match rates; quality assessment methods of experiential education sites; and development of critical appraisal of the medical literature training modules for residents and preceptors.

Director of Curricular Operations

The Director of Curricular Operations assists faculty and staff in providing training and assistance in curricular technologies and supports the office of Assistant Dean for Academics and Assessment to maintain effective curricular and assessment endeavors. The director is responsible for facilitating training for students in ExamSoft.

Photo of Jessica Merlo
Assistant Professor

In her role as a PGY-2 resident, Dr. Merlo divides her time between teaching at Pacific University and caring for patients at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. Her clinical interests include chronic disease state management including diabetes, COPD, and cardiovascular risk reduction.

Photo of Mike Millard
Assistant Professor

Professor Millard's practice and research interests include multi-system pharmacy management and leadership practice at Providence Health and Services and the analysis and dissemination of current pharmacy laws and regulation through professional organizations and liaison with legislature and the OR Board of Pharmacy. 

Administrative Assistant to ADPP and Faculty

Supporting the Office of the Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Practice (ADPP), providing administrative and instructional support to faculty, and managing clinical and faculty services contracts.

Photo of Brandon Nuziale
PGY-2 Residency Program Director & Assistant Professor

My practice area is ambulatory care pharmacy in a primary care clinic within a federally qualified health center. I see patients for management of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, asthma and COPD as part of an interprofessional patient centered medical home. I also work closely with our post-graduate learners in helping to prepare them to be independent clinical practitioners. My research area of interest is related to student and post-grad learning. My current research is focused on student learning particularly in skills based courses. 

Associate Professor

Research interests focus on utilizing natural products as complementary or alternative therapeutic strategies for diseases like cancer, obesity and inflammation. The utility of many natural products is limited due to their solubility and low residence time in the body. Our lab helps design, characterize and assess natural product delivery systems to address these issues. The delivery systems will be assessed through UV-Vis, fluorescence, HPLC and other analytical techniques. Successful products will be assessed in relevant cell culture and animal models

Associate Dean for Pharmaceutical Sciences & Professor

The neglected tropical disease leishmaniasis affects ~12 million people annually, with resulting illnesses ranging from cutaneous ulcerative lesions to fatal visceralizing infections. A better understanding of parasite biology and host-parasite interactions is critical for the development of much needed new therapeutic strategies and the overall goal of our research is to validate the polyamine pathway as a medical target. Polyamines are metabolites that play central roles in rapidly proliferating cells, and recent studies have highlighted their critical nature in Leishmania parasites. We are using a variety of techniques, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and tissue culture to elucidate the functions of polyamines for parasite proliferation and survival.

Photo of Dana Roman
Assistant Professor

Dana Roman's areas of interest include anticoagulation reversal, toxicokinetics rattlesnake envenomation, and hazmat disaster preparedness.

Photo of Beth Ross
Research Lab Manager

The Research Lab Manager manages the research lab and provides support for the students, faculty, and administrators including equipment maintenance, collaborative operations, safety adherence, policy and procedure management, and equipment procurement and inventory. The RLM also provides support for the compounding lab.

Admissions and Experiential Strategist

The Admissions & Experiential Strategist works with both the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Experiential Education. Primary responsibilities include overseeing the onboarding of new students to the program, overseeing student compliance with immunization, screening and certification requirements, expanding and coordinating outreach to local high schools, and collection and analysis of data related to student internships.

Photo of Eddie Saito
Assistant Professor & PGY2 Residency Program Director

My clinical practice setting is at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, a primary care clinic in Cornelius, OR. I have prescriptive authority through collaborative practice agreements to see patients and manage their medication therapy for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, tobacco cessation, and latent tuberculosis infection. Additionally, I coordinate pharmacy involvement in seasonal and migrant farmworker mobile outreach events in the summer. I often have students and residents/fellows on rotation or working with me in clinic. My research is focused on clinical practice management and residency training.

Photo of Brendan Stamper
Associate Professor, PharmD/MS Joint Degree Program Director

Brendan Stamper's research is focused on projects that utilize comparative genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic approaches to identify pathways critical to propagating or preventing liver injury. 

Photo of Katie Steele
Affiliate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Residency Studies

Dr. Steele is the outpatient pharmacy manager and a clinical pharmacist for Virginia Garcia's primary care clinic in Newberg, Oregon. Virginia Garcia is a Federally Qualified Health Center where she provides ambulatory care clinical services including management of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, asthma, COPD and tobacco cessation. She is also the PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Residency Director and a clinical preceptor for the PGY-2 Ambulatory Care/Academia Pharmacy Residency program.

Assistant Professor & Director for the Office of Global Pharmacy Education and Research

Dr. Suzuki is an ambulatory care pharmacist. Her practice site is Kaiser Permanente Clinical Pharmacy Services in Portland.

Interest areas include hepatology, gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, and active learning techniques.

Photo of Greg Tallman
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tallman's clinical practice focuses on infectious diseases pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, and antimicrobial stewardship, with the goal of achieving optimal antimicrobial therapy for all patients.

Photo of Jon Taylor
Research Assistant

The Research Assistant supports the daily operations of the pharmaceutical science laboratory by training students and other researchers, performing research techniques, and general laboratory maintenance.

Jon received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the Portland State University in 2010. Since then, he has worked at different research labs and gained a series of valuable skills in biochemistry, microscopy, immunology, tissue/cell culture, and laboratory animal models.

Photo of Brigg Turner
Associate Professor

Dr. Turner's main interest is antimicrobial stewardship: the appropriate use of antibiotics to ensure adequate treatment while limiting antibiotic resistance and side effects. Hospital and clinic based stewardship are areas that require more research and greater efforts. Dr. Turner practices at Tuality Healthcare and the Virginia Garcia clinic.

Photo of Austin Ulrich
PGY2 Graduate Instructor of Pharmacy Practice and Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident

As a PGY2 pharmacy resident, Dr. Ulrich spends time teaching at Pacific University School of Pharmacy as well as practicing at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, caring for an underserved population in the outpatient setting. He primarily works with patients to manage diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to other chronic diseases. In the academic setting, he provides lectures and facilitation in the endocrine block and in the pharmacy practice courses. His professional interests include creating high-quality written medical communication and education materials.

Associate Professor

Dr. White serves as the Student Program Coordinator and Coordinator of Ambulatory Pharmacy Services for Asante. In these roles, she oversees all pharmacy student rotations for the health system and works with pharmacists in primary care clinics who function as providers and conduct patient visits for complex medication management. Her main clinical interest is cardiology, and she teaches classes for outpatients in the cardiopulmonary rehab program.