School of Pharmacy Research

The School of Pharmacy at Pacific University recognizes discovery research as a fundamental tool in the education and training of future pharmacists. As such, building a collaborative, extramurally funded research program that provides training opportunities not only to PharmD students, but also to undergraduate students from the Forest Grove campus of Pacific University is an integral Strategic Goal for the program. The SOP also offers a Postdoctoral Fellowship position for PhD level scientists. Over the past years, our faculty have published numerous peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, presented research at professional meetings and scientific conferences, and received funding from the National Institutes of Health, state and regional sources, and the pharmaceutical industry. The SOP faculty members are engaged in a broad range of research areas with a focus on basic, clinical, and SOTL research.


Pharmaceutical research at the School of Pharmacy encompasses pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, drug target validation, toxicology, natural products, infectious diseases, and research in cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Student Participation in Research

Pharmacy students have the opportunity to participate in research during their first two academic years as volunteers or by participating in research electives and the School of Pharmacy Research and Scholarship track. In their third year, pharmacy students can participate in a 6-12 week APPE (Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience) elective focused on research. Undergraduate students routinely join the research lab for 8-10 week summer research experiences, which contributes to fulfilling their senior capstone requirements for B.S. degrees in collaboration with the Natural Sciences Division (e.g., chemistry, biology, and environmental toxicology).

The School of Pharmacy also offers a joint PharmD/MS degree program.