Global Pharmacy Education & Research

Students in Belize

The Office of Global Pharmacy Education and Research (OGPER) coordinates global programs for students, scholars, and pharmacists to visit and collaborate with the Pacific University School of Pharmacy. We also provide opportunities for our students to pursue international rotations as a part of their experiential education.

OGPER’s goals are:

  • To facilitate international collaborative opportunities for research and pharmacy practice
  • To coordinate curriculums for visiting international students, scholars, and pharmacists
  • To develop and advance global programs for our students and faculty

Please contact the Director of the OGPER if:

  • You are a US pharmacist interested in provide shadowing experience in the Portland metro area for international students, scholars, and pharmacists.
  • You are an international scholar interested in research collaboration.
  • You are an international pharmacy student or pharmacist interested in visiting our School of Pharmacy.

Opportunities for Pacific University Students

Pacific University pharmacy students are welcome to explore and pursue global rotations in their third year of our program.

Structured global rotations are offered with:

  • Hillside Health Care International (Belize)
  • JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research (India)
  • Hoshi University (Japan)
  • Musashino University (Japan)

Other Opportunities for global rotations are also possible, for example through International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation.

Second-year students will need to submit their interest in participating in a global rotation during their fall semester to Office of Global Pharmacy Education and Research (OGPER).


Contact Us

Marina Suzuki, PharmD, PhD, BCPS, BCACP
Director, Office of Global Pharmacy Education & Research