Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum

Pacific University doctor of pharmacy program's contemporary curriculum is a semester-based schedule with concurrent semester-long courses (160 credits total). Unlike traditional undergraduate programs, the entire curriculum is housed within the School of Pharmacy so there is no risk of conflicting class schedules and we are also trying to minimize the risk of overlapping exams.

Pharmacy Curriculum Layout 3-year PharmD

3-year Weekly Schedule

Pharmacy Curriculum Layout 5-year PharmD

5-year Weekly Schedule

PharmD curriculum was fully redesigned as a contemporary, semester-based integrated curriculum. The curriculum will:

  • Prioritize the advancement of Pharmacy and engagement in the profession
  • Foster connectedness between students, pharmacists, other professions, and the community
  • Cultivate adaptability and integrity in personal and professional development through self-aware reflection
  • Develop informed professional judgment through integrated learning and an emphasis on practice
  • Challenge all learners to solve problems, critically evaluate conventional perspectives, weigh and interpret evidence, and generate novel approaches to practice

The semester-based approach facilitates these features and allows students time to reflect on skills and abilities and make necessary adjustments.

Several aspects of our curriculum have been added to help alleviate the stress that comes with an accelerated PharmD program, including protected time approximately one afternoon each week for students to proactively schedule personal appointments and engage in self-care as well as strategic planning in scheduling exams.

The 23/24 Academic Calendars for CO2024CO2025 and CO2026 for the 3-year Program and CO2028 for the 5-year Program reflects the course numbers, abbreviated course titles, and the times held.