Curriculum | Pharmacy

The PharmD program at Pacific University offers courses in a modified block design. The structure provides a schedule that allows students to study one topic at a time before moving on to another content area. 

Specific course dates, times and locations—as well as additional course descriptions—are available in the academic calendar (pdf).

Year 1

Course Number Course Title Credits
PHRM-559 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry 5
PHRM-590 Pharmacy Practice I 2.5
PHRM-596 IPPE Preparation I 2.5
PHRM-594 Social and Administrative Sciences I 2.0
PHRM-562 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics Interface 2.5
PHRM-563 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Central Nervous System I 2.5
PHRM-568 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal I 2.5
PHRM-569 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal II 2.5
PHRM-570 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal III 2.5
PHRM-565 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Central Nervous System II 2.5
PHRM-580 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Gastrointestinal and Nutrition 2.5
PHRM-592 Pharmacy Practice 2 2.5
PHRM-597 IPPE 1 Community 2.0
PHRM-595 Social and Administrative Sciences 2 2.0
PHRM-598 IPPE Preparation II 1.0
PHRM-581 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Endocrine and Sex Hormones 2.5
PHRM-582 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Hematology and Oncology 2.5
PHRM-583 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Immunology and Toxicology 2.5
PHRM-584 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics I 2.5
PHRM-585 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacokinetics 2.5
PHRM-586 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Infectious Diseases 2.5
PHRM-587 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics II 3.0
CHP 510/511 Interprofessional Competence: Theory & Practice 1.0

Year 2

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM-696 IPPE 2 Community 3.0
PHRM-697 IPPE 3 Health System 6.0
PHRM-641 Clinical Sciences: Introduction to Patient-Centered Care 2.5
PHRM-698 IPPE 4 Community 2.0
PHRM-690 Pharmacy Practice 3 3.5
PHRM-694 Social and Administrative Sciences 3 2.0
PHRM-642 Clinical Sciences; Cardiovascular I 2.0
PHRM-643 Clinical Sciences: Neurological and Psychiatrics I 2.5
PHRM-644 Clinical Sciences: Neurological and Psychiatrics II 2.5
PHRM-645 Clinical Sciences: Renal 2.5
PHRM-646 Clinical Sciences: Endocrine 2.5
PHRM-647 Clinical Sciences: Sexual & Reproductive Health 2.5
PHRM-648 Clinical Sciences; Gastrointestinal 2.5
PHRM-683 Clinical Sciences: Pulmonology 2.5
PHRM-699 APPE Preparation 2.0
PHRM-692 Pharmacy Practice 4 3.5
PHRM-695 Social and Administrative Sciences 4 2.0
PHRM-681 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases I 2.5
PHRM-682 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases II 2.5
PHRM-680 Clinical Sciences: Immunology 2.5
PHRM-687 Clinical Sciences: Cardiovascular II 2.5
PHRM-685 Clinical Sciences: Hematology and Oncology 2.5
PHRM-686 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases III 2.5
PHRM-684 Clinical Sciences: Critical Care 2.5

Year 3

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM-701 APPE: Advanced Community Pharmacy 6
PHRM-702 APPE: Health System Pharmacy 6
PHRM-703 APPE: Ambulatory Care 6
PHRM-704 APPE: Internal General Medicine 6
PHRM-705 APPE: Patient Care Elective 6
PHRM-706 APPE: Patient/Non-Patient Care Elective A 6
PHRM-707 APPE: Patient/Non-Patient Care Elective B 6
PHRM-711 Self Study APPE: Review/Experiences 6
PHRM-709 Comprehensive Curricular Review 2