Apply to the Physical Therapy Program

2021-2022 PT Admissions Information

Event Date / Timeframe Resource
Application Period June 15, 2021 to Oct. 1, 2021 Program Admission
PTCAS Application Deadline - The PTCAS application must be submitted on or before the application deadline. The PTCAS application can be verified after the application deadline. E-submit by 8:59 p.m. (PST) Oct. 1, 2021 PTCAS

October 16, 2021
January 15, 2022
January 22, 2022

Program Start August 2022  

Application Instructions for Admission

To apply to the Pacific University School of Physical Therapy you must submit a PTCAS application with supporting documentation. Complete and verified applications that meet the minimum GPA requirements will be reviewed throughout the fall, and selected applicants will be invited to interview.

PTCAS Application Information

PTCAS Application Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021

Your application will be submitted to PTCAS (Physical Therapy Central Application Service). All transcripts and evaluations are submitted directly, and only, to PTCAS when you apply. Pacific University does not wish to receive any additional copies of these documents. Below is a brief description of the required sections in the PTCAS application.

Clinical Experience

The Admissions Committee encourages applicants to seek out observation experiences with a practicing, licensed physical therapist in diverse settings and with diverse patient populations. Examples of Physical Therapy settings may include but are not limited to: hospitals, clinics (sports medicine, pediatrics, hand therapy), private offices, home health, skilled nursing/extended care facilities, and schools. Documentation of these experiences will occur in the PTCAS application. The Admissions Committee recommends a minimum of 100 hours of paid or volunteer experience to cover the breadth of physical therapy practice described above.

Evaluation Forms/References

Pacific University requires two reference forms be submitted to PTCAS. One reference must be from a licensed, practicing physical therapist with whom you have worked, volunteered or observed. The second reference should be from a college faculty member, professional supervisor, pre-professional committee member, or employer. Although PTCAS will allow you to submit up to four reference letters, Pacific University will only review two of the submitted references. Please specify in the program-specific questions which two references you would like us to review.

The Personal Statement

This is your voice in the application process.  This statement should not be repeated or rephrased within the Pacific University program-specific essay questions in PTCAS.

Official College and University Transcripts

Official transcripts from every institution you have attended should be submitted directly to PTCAS. Please review the PTCAS application instructions for more information.

GRE Scores

GRE scores are not required for Pacific University School of Physical Therapy. GRE scores reported on the PTCAS application are not used in the evaluation of the application.


The overall cumulative GPA and prerequisite GPA must each be a 3.2, or higher at the time of application to move forward in the review process. The overall cumulative GPA is calculated by PTCAS and includes all graded courses from every college or university attended in North America. The prerequisite GPA is based on the graded prerequisite courses at the time of application. Applicants can use the highest grade if a prerequisite course has been retaken. Fall courses will not be used in the GPA calculations because grades will not be available before the application deadline.


Please note the additional required essay question for re-applicants within our program-specific questions in PTCAS. 


The optional essay is an opportunity to provide any additional information about yourself for consideration, including explanations for any prerequisite or coursework issues.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

A satisfactory command of the English language is required for admission to the Physical Therapy Program. All students whose first language is not English must meet the English language proficiency requirement before starting the program if admitted. This requirement applies to all applicants, including resident aliens and citizens. Requiring valid proof of English language proficiency is an admissions requirement of the Physical Therapy Program; thus, only the program can approve exceptions.


Valid Proof of English Language Proficiency

  • Achieving the minimum required official score on the International Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Pacific Institutional TOEFL, or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam
  • Test scores are valid for two (2) years after the test date
  • Test scores more than two (2) years old will be considered if the score exceeded the minimum requirement and you have maintained continuous residency in a country where English is the official primary language since the exam date
  • Completion of a bachelor's, master, doctoral, or professional degree at a regionally accredited college or university where English is the primary language of instruction. Individuals who are in the process of earning a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution where English is the primary language of instruction can be admitted.

Minimum Test Score Requirements







600 overall

Minimum per section:

54-55 reading

55 listening

55 structure/written expression

250 overall

Minimum per section:

21 reading

22 listening

22 structure/writing

100 overall

minimum per section:

20 reading

21 listening

22 writing

22 speaking

7.0 overall

Minimum sub scores per section:


Invalid Proof of English Language Proficiency

  • Test score less than Pacific University's minimum requirement
  • Test score more than two years old (unless the score exceeded the minimum requirement and you have maintained continuous residency in a country where English is the official primary language since the exam date.)
  • Institutional TOEFL scores from any school except Pacific University
  • Completion of an English as a Second Language (ESL) program at any school
  • Completion of English, writing or literature courses at any college or university
  • An associate's degree from a community college in the United States


After an initial application review by the Admissions Committee, the most competitive applicants are invited for an interview. The interview is required and is a contributing factor in the admission decision. Consideration is given to candidates’ knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career as a physical therapist, ability to think clearly and logically, self-confidence, and verbal expression of ideas.

The interview will include:

  • Interview
  • Question-and-answer session with current students
  • Overviews of Program and Clinical Education