Sport Leadership & Management Major Requirements

The sport leadership & management degree will provide you with a foundation of knowledge and experience to prepare you for a leadership position in the sport and recreation field, while also allowing you the flexibility to choose elective courses that you feel will make you distinctive. Please see the major requirements for a list of required courses.

When planning for your completion of the SLAM major, please consider the following:

  • Minors/Double-Majors: Students completing a SLAM major are encouraged to pursue minors and/or double-majors that will enhance their preparation for their chosen specialization, but should carefully review requirements for those programs in order to plan for completion. An advisor/second advisor in the chosen area is recommended.
  • Prerequisites: Be sure to check course prerequisites early in your degree planning, as there are a number of courses that have multiple prerequisite courses (e.g., SLAM 464 requires SLAM 363 be taken prior to the course, which has a prerequisite of SLAM 362 or KINES 365, which each have their own prerequisites).
    • Minimum Grades: A grade of C is required in all prerequisite courses (e.g., if a course requires SLAM XXX as a prerequisite, SLAM XXX must have been completed with a grade of C or better in order to register).
    • Math Requirement: Although not listed as a requirement, completion of MATH 122 (College Algebra) or Math II placement is required to take Statistics (which is required).
  • Field Experience/Practicum (SLAM 479) can be completed during the regular school year or during the summer months (with approval and additional tuition).

All major and minor requirements, including for a major in sport leadership & management, can be found in the online academic catalog.

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