About the Early Learning Community

We strive to provide the highest quality educational environment to facilitate experiential learning. This will be accomplished by sustaining a learning community whose primary function is to nurture the developmental needs of a diverse group of young children. This community supports the educational needs of students of all ages, educators and practicing professionals in a manner that balances learning, research and community outreach.

Our Educational Philosophy

The Early Learning Community is a learning environment organized around the principles of inclusion, active experiential learning and best pedagogical practice.

We believe that children learn best in a place where they feel good about themselves, where they are allowed to explore their world, and where the learning materials match their interests and needs. Our learning environment is supported by teachers who recognize developmental norms, respect individual differences, and inspire a sense of wonder and a desire to learn. It is our goal to foster collaboration between students, teachers and families as a means of supporting all aspects of children’s development.